How to Avoid Honeymoon Cystitis for Women during the Trip?

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Every new bride wants a romantic honeymoon in her life. But there are always some enemies to stop it. Honeymoon cystitis is one of the bad factors. It is awkward and embarrassing for the new couples. So it is important to know the knowledge to avoid honeymoon cystitis for women during the trip.
Some new bride may have no idea about the honeymoon cystitis. It refers to the inflammation of the bladder for the bacterial infection, usually reflecting the symtoms of frequency and urgency of urination, painful urination, and blood in the urine even back pain and fever after having sex with new husband in the honeymoon.
Since the female urethra with the physiological characteristics of being wide, straight, and short, is close to the vaginal and anal, it is vulnerable to bacterial infections. But the sexual life in the honey will break the natural barrier of bacteria in the virgin time. The lack of the sexual hygiene knowledge will also put the bride in the danger of bladder infection.
The honeymoon is a trip for enjoyment and happiness, and a lifetime memory, not a trip for doctor and trouble. So what are the tips of prevention the honeymoon cystitis?  Here we go.     
First, take care of the sexual hygiene. It is the most important measure. Both the couple should clean the genitals before intercourse; especially the man should clean the dirt in coronary sulcus with soap to reduce the bacteria.
Second, urinate before and after the intercourse.  It is said by Some Foreign expert that it can help washed away the bacteria in the vagina to prevent being sent into the bladder through sexual intercourse. The penis may put the bacteria in the urethral orifice into the bladder, thus micturition can rush out of most of the bacteria to and effectively reduce infection.
Third, take care of the personal hygiene in life. Wear the Cotton underwear to keep dry and clean and change them every day. Disinfect the underwear and towels with boiling water and often change for new.
Fourth, take Vitamin C from the diet or medicine. Eat the vegetables and fruits. Because the Vitamin C will be beneficial to acidification urine in the bladder to inhibit the growth of bacteria. It will be very helpful to prevent the honeymoon cystitis
Fifth, take some medicine which can kill the bacteria in the trip. Most of the honeymoons are spent in the trip, and some conditions may be limited, which still leave great chances to infect the cystitis under the measures listed above. So the new couples don’t want to make the disease trouble them and bring unhappiness and pity to fade the honeymoon, it is better to take some medicine like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill with strong sterilization ability has the function of heat-clearing and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria, Its which can effectively help the bride to solve the problems and bring a good opening to the marriage.