It’s Essential for Women with Cystitis to Attach Importance to the Daily Care

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Because of the special urethral position and physiological structure, cystitis has become a common disease with high incidence in women. The urethra of woman is close to the anus, so it’s very easy to be invaded by bacteria. Besides, the short and straight urethra makes it more easier for bacteria to spread and then lead to cystitis. In order to get rid of this disease, female patients should also pay attention to the daily care during the medication treatment. 
Healthy living habits are very important.  
If infected with cystitis, proper and reasonable living habits are beneficial to stabilize and cure the disease. Females should develop a habit of drinking more water which has the benefit of flush out the bacteria. During the treatment, especially at the acute phase, don’t work overtime to let the body in the state of tiredness. During the menstruation, it’s not allowed to have excessive physical labor and intense movement. Avoid cold water, tub bath and wet environment. Patients should also pay attention to  keeping warm, staying away from sour and clod food. Moreover, good rest is beneficial to enhance the immunity. Otherwise, it’s harmful to the treatment and recovery of cystitis.  
Pay attention to the hygiene when having sexual life.  
The recurrence of female cystitis has close connection with sexual life, especially unclean sex. Many females and newly-married couples are lack of knowledge of hygiene and the consciousness of safety protection. Besides, the hygiene of sexual organs is also ignored. Under this situation, it’s easy to cause the infection of vagina and then spread to the urethra, resulting in the delayed treatment of cystitis for a long period. As a consequence, it’s of great importance to pay attention to the hygiene of sexual life. Both males and females should clean their genital areas before and after having sex. If noticed the vaginal infection, females can take Fuyan Pill to cure the disease.  
Herbal medicine can help to cure cystitis in females.
In addition to developing good habits on diet and sexual hygiene, the medication treatment is also very important. If the treatment is improper or not in time, the cystitis can lead to series of complications. So patients should be thoughtful when choosing a suitable treatment. If you prefer to curing the disease more natural, you can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Compared with antibiotics, it has no side effects like drug resistance and kidney damage. The herbs in the pill can efficiently induce diuresis and relieve stranguria so that the urinary frequency and urgency can be eased. The bacteria which can cause inflammation can be killed for the pill have the function of clearing away heat and toxins. Moreover, the pill can also promote the ciuculation of blood and qi to dissolve the blood stasis and dissipate abnormal tissue. It can cure the cystitis form its root so that it can’t recur. 
In order to getting rid of cystitis as soon as possible, patients must attach importance to the daily care as well as proper treatment. Since Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has successfully cured many sufferers with cystitis, it’s certainly a worth-trying medication. Commonly, patients can be cured within three months if strictly kept to the healthy living principles.