Obey The Food Prohibitions Strictly Can Be Helpful For Curing Cystitis

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As the step-by-step working pattern has become normalcy, most of office workers need to keep long-term sitting, they hardly have time to leave their seats to have a rest. Sitting for a long time can cause the accumulation of blood stasis, thus, it increases the risk for bacteria to invade the urethra. It’s one of the reasons that lead to cystitis. Since the disease has high morbidity, if the treatment is not timely, it can cause the  bladder fibrosis which will lead to the reduction of bladder capacity, cause renal edema and renal failure gradually. For the treatment of the disease, proper medication is essential, another significant aspect is to attach importance to the daily diet, it’s beneficial to the cure of cystitis. 
Food that are helpful to cure cystitis
Because urinary discomfort like frequent and urgent urination is one of the common symptoms of cystitis, so it’s advantageous to eat food which can induce diuresis. As we all know that fruits are abundant in vitamins and other nutriments, there are also many fruits that can be helpful for patients with cystitis, such as watermelon, grape, pear, pomegranate, pineapple, lemon. etc. Vegetables like celery, green beans, scallions, wax gourd, watermelon, tomato, cordate houttuynia, bitter gourd are all good for inducing diuresis.   
Moreover, patients can take some adjuvant methods like dietary therapy to help the cure of cystitis. Corn porridge, barley porridge, bamboo leaf porridge, plantain seed porridge are beneficial for patients. Plantain seed and cordate houttuynia are not only common foods, but also common medicinal materials in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For example, TCM Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains the two herbs, many sufferers with cystitis have been radically cured by this medicine, it has a good reputation on curing this disease. In general, cystitis patients should eat food which have the functions of clearing away heat and inducing diuresis.       
Food that are harmful for cystitis patients
Since spicy and stimulating food can aggravate the symptoms and make the condition worse, patients are not allowed to eat food like chili, beef, mutton, shrimp, crab, etc. Besides, patients should also stay away from food that can be easy to make flatulence, such as beans and white radish. Fried and cold food, alcohols, coffee and strong tea should also be avoided. 
On the treatment of cystitis, patients should strictly obey the food prohibitions. It’s also necessary to follow the doctors’ guidance if decided to keep a reasonable diet during the treatment. In addition to the daily diet, patients need to pay more attention to the living habits as well, such as drinking more water moderately to increase the urination and avoid holding urine; Taking shower and changing underwear frequently. These good personal hygienic habits are helpful for the cure of cystitis.