Recurring UTI In Women Can Be Cured And Prevented Effectively

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Urinary tract infection (UTI) is an urinary inflammation that caused by pathogens. It will cause frequent and urgent urination and pain when urinating. Severe patients will have blood in urine. If it involves with kidneys, it will cause back pain and fever. Commonly, women are more likely to be infected by UTI. It’s determined by the physiological structure of women. The urethra of women is short, straight and wide,  and the function of urethral sphincter is weak. When having sexual life, the bacteria will be squeezed into the posterior urethra and bladder, which will increase the risk of getting UTI. This infection is easy to recur if women don’t pay attention to the treatment and lifestyle changes.   

UTI treatment

Don’t take drugs blindly if you notice the signs of UTI

It’s strongly recommended to go to a regular hospital to have a diagnosis and then consider the treatment for UTI. As we know that an antibiotics can eliminate the bacteria effectively, however, blindly use of antibiotics will lead to severe damage to the body and make the condition worse. Women with an acute infection can be cured within 3 days’ medication. Some female patients have to be cured within weeks, which is up to your conditions. The key to cure UTI is to take a timely, reasonable and radical treatment. Once you notice the symptoms of UTI, you should go to see a doctor immediately, and take a proper medication under the guidelines of your doctor.
How to deal with recurring UTI?

Some patients may find that uti is easy to recur. There are many factors can cause recurring utis. If patients stop taking medicines before the infection is cured completely, the symptoms will disappear again. Therefore, if the symptoms disappear, patients should continue taking medicines for 3 to 7 days to prevent the recurrence. Patients with recurring uti shouldn’t take the same antibiotic during the long-term treatment. Otherwise, antibiotics will develop drug resistance and then affect the effectiveness. If the medication is not so effective during the early stage, it’s important to find the real cause by having middle urine culture and bacterial susceptibility test. For patients who are allergic to antibiotics or have no significant improvement by antibiotic treatment, herbal remedy called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a great choice. It’s made from natural herbs and has no side effect on kidneys and liver. Patients can take a continues treatment and have a good curative effect.     

Precautionary measures for recurring UTI

1.Drinking more water to flush out the bacteria.  
2.Drinking more fluids that are rich in vitamin C. It can increase the acidity of urine and keep the bladder wall smooth. Thus, the causative bacteria will be difficult to growth and breed.
3.Don’t hold urine and empty the bladder whenever have an urge to go.  
4.Before and after sex, it’s necessary to clean the genital areas and urinate after sexual intercourse.
5.After a bowel movement, women should wipe from front to back
6.Wearing cotton underwear, which is helpful to keep the genital areas dry.