Experts Stress Often Wearing Tight Trousers Can Easily Induce Cystitis

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Tight trousers have always been a favorite item of clothing, especially for female friends, because they can outline a graceful figure in females. Now there are a lot of tights on the market and many traditional clothes can also be made into tights. It seems to represent a fashion and trend. Also, many men love tights, which can outline a more toned body of males.
Wearing tight trousers surely does increase beauty, but it is also harmful to the body health in the long run. Experts stress often wearing tight trousers can easily induce cystitis.

The characteristic of tight trousers is that they cling to the skin, which makes it hard to breathe. In addition, the pants are most directly in contact with the lower abdomen, because being too tight, it will lead to poor blood circulation. Especially in the hot weather, various bacteria and viruses can take advantage of the opportunity to invade if you wear tights for a long time, thus leading to cystitis.
What is cystitis?
Patients with cystitis have no particularly obvious symptoms at the early stages, but they may feel the pain in the waist. So they should go to the hospital as soon as possible for examination, and they need to drink more water at ordinary times, which is conducive to urination. Meanwhile, they should eat less spicy food to avoid stimulation that can lead to inflammations like prostatitis.
Emotions can't be controlled gradually if you have cystitis. You may get angry and excited about trivial things. And you're more likely to sweat. These symptoms are all caused by autonomic nervous disorders, which need to be taken seriously in daily life.
Some people may think cystitis is less serious and less scary. Surely, cystitis is not life-threatening, but it's worth noting that when the inflammation occurs, it will be not only localized, but also spread to nearby organs, such as the urethra, the vagina in the females, the prostate gland in males, and even the kidneys.

The cystitis may also lead to fibrosis of the bladder, resulting in reduced bladder volume and ureteral reflux, renal edema and inflammation of the kidney, and even renal necrosis and uremia. If it is the uremia or bladder cancer, it will be a direct life-threatening disease, so both males and females should take notice of this disease prematurely.
Nowadays, there is a herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill that can treat cystitis for both males and females. It can effectively kill bacteria and viruses, eliminate inflammation and edema, improve blood circulation and body resistance.
Moreover, it will not cause any side effects or drug resistance, which plays a positive role in the recovery of patients. Long-term use of this medical product can help patients achieve faster treatment of cystitis, which also can be a good prevention of prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other diseases. So it is worthy.

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