How Come Your Bladder Develops Inflammation?

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In clinical practice, cystitis is a common inflammation of the lining of the bladder, which accounts for about 50% to 70% of the total number of urinary tract infections, according the official data. And it is caused by bacteria infecting the bladder, namely severe cystitis or by non-bacterial inflammation caused by irritation.
Women are more prone to suffering from cystitis than men because the female urethra is not only shorter but also close to the anus, which forms an easy entry for e coli. The most typical symptoms of cystitis include frequency of urination, urgency of urination, painful urination, or even urge incontinence, and sometimes with hematuria and pyuria.

The most common cause of cystitis is when bacteria, that usually exist in the anus, enter the urethra and travel into the bladder. This can happen during sexual intercourse, when inserting tampons or by wiping back to front when you go to the toilet. Female friends who use the contraceptive diaphragm, namely a soft dome made of latex or silicone, may also be at risk of cystitis.
A bacterial infection can be caused by not emptying the bladder in fully. This is especially common in pregnant women because of the pressure on the pelvic region.
Doctors point out that in menopausal women, the lining of the urethra and the bladder become thinned due to a lack of the female sex hormones, so they are more likely to become infected and damaged. Besides, women also produce less mucus after the menopause, and without the mucus bacteria are more likely to multiply in the female body, leading to more physical problems.
Cystitis can also be caused by damage, or bruising in the area around the urethra in both men and women. It is often caused by vigorous or frequent sex, and so sometimes known as honeymoon cystitis.
Men who have an enlarged prostate gland are more at risk of getting cystitis, this is because the prostate prevents the bladder from completely emptying. When you have a blockage somewhere in your urinary system, the bladder is not completely emptied. The small drop that is always left behind may contain bacteria, which is a cause of cystitis.

Other causes in patients’ daily lives may including wearing tight clothing, chemical irritants - for example, in perfumed soap or talcum powder, other bladder, or kidney, problems, such as a kidney infection, prostatitis, diabetes, and so on.
If you are bothered by these inflammations, you can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a complete cure. This is a natural herbal pill that works well on treating various inflammation in the urogenital system, and killing a large number of bacteria and viruses.
More importantly, it won’t hurt the patients’ bodies even if you take the pill for a long time. Since it is made from natural ingredients, it won’t lead to any side effects. So it is very suitable for patients with chronic inflammations like chronic cystitis and chronic prostatitis.

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