How to prevent from cystitis?

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Who may get cystitis?

Any woman can suffer from cystitis but some are more prone to this condition, for example:
1. Younger women (who may be prone to more sexual activity) 
2. The elderly (who may be less mobile or have more difficulty emptying their bladder) 
3. Pregnant women (whose body changes can make them prone to urinary infections) 
4. Post-menopausal women (who may experience vaginal dryness causing soreness and irritation during sexual intercourse). 
Men and children can get cystitis too, but this is much less common, and in such cases a doctor's advice must always be sought.
Some tips can effectively help to prevent cystitis:
1. To keep the genital area clean and try to wash this area frequently with warm water. 
2. To remember to wipe from front to back, which may reduce the chance of introducing bacteria from the rectal area to the urethra.
3. To increase the intake of fluids, which allows frequent urination to flush the bacteria from the bladder. 
4. To urinate immediately after sexual intercourse may help eliminate certain types of bacteria that may have been introduced during intercourse. 
5. Refraining from urinating for long periods of time may allow bacteria to have time to multiply, so frequent urination reduces the risk of cystitis in those who are prone to urinary tract infections.
6. To drink cranberry juice can prevent certain types of bacteria from attaching to the wall of the bladder and may lessen the chance of infection.