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Herbal medicine has no connection with animal extinction

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If you are a Chinese, you must know that herbal medicine made of plants, animals and even minerals, which also is the reason why herbal medicine has no side-effect, no drug resistance and has some specific functions. But many western people know little about herbal medicine and hold some opinions what are wrong. Today when I surf internet, I find that some hold the opinion that herbal medicine is a cause of animal extinction, because herbal medicine makes animals as its material. After reading this, I think is it necessary to write an article to tell western people what herbal medicine is.

Herbal medicine commonly is considered as one of the safest medicine system in the world, because its materials are from plants, animals and minerals. In TCM system, herbalists hold the view that everything in this world has its function, so they will add herbs and animal if is needed.
China as a country, who has long history of TCM, encourages herbalists to develop TCM. In old times, animals like tiger and wolf are considered as monsters, so it is ok to kill monsters. What's more, at that time, there is no gun and no other modern equipment, so animals are numerous. On the contrary, the number of human isn't so many. Therefore, the needed of animals won’t make animal extinct.
With the time passing by, tiger and wolf can be killed easily with the usage of guns, so the number of them is declined dramatically. But the extinction of some animals isn't blame to herbal medicine. Most of the time, those animals are hunted as food and closes. What's more, because of the extinction of animals, more and more animal herbs are replaced by plant herbs. Therefore, herbal medicine has no connection with the extinction of animals.
Herbal medicine has more than 5000 year's history in China. It is a mature theory and effective in treating chronic disease. Herbal medicine isn’t itself in your imagination.