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Traditional Chinese Medicine is Becoming More and More Popular All Over the World

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is getting its previous glory and people's attention. Additionally, more and more countries all over the world are building CM system. Take Singapore for example, there are 1,500 doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, and students of institutes of traditional Chinese medicine increased dramatically.

The government of Singapore attaches great importance to the supervision of traditional Chinese medicine. The government of Singapore passed the bill of doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in 2000, stipulating that all doctors of traditional Chinese medicine shall have occupational qualification and permits. At the moment, there are 1,500 doctors who have already got the certificates issued by the Traditional Chinese medicine Administration Committee, an organization that supervises all these doctors.
Five years ago, there are less than 100 students in the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Singapore. However, now the number has increased to 250. This institute is now cooperating with Nanking University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
People take Traditional Chinese Medicine as natural products, and that’s why they are more easily accepted. Insiders estimate that, until 2010, the demand of traditional Chinese medicine to treat bald head and epilepsia increases by 20% every year. YuRenSheng International Co, Ltd., a company with a history of 127 years, specializing in herbal drinks and birds nest soup, has 114 shops in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. All there products sell like hot cakes and the share prices have increased 40% since 2003.

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