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The TCM health care - Chinese Herbal Steam Treatment

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Herbal steam therapy is also called fumigation and steaming therapy. It refers to use the steam produced by the boiling drug to fumigate human body. And it is a predominantly medical treatment prescribed for sufferers of a wide variety of ailments, from hypertension and allergies to cancer and arthritis.

Since ancient times, steam therapy has been used by traditional healing systems around the world to improve and maintain good health and beauty. Generally speaking, the steam therapy has its own advantages on diseases treatment. Herbal Steam treatment allows the body to absorb the benefits of medicinal herbs through steam, leave you feel cleansed and refreshed. The herbal ingredients and the heat of the steam support the circulation of blood in the lymphatic system. The filtration of blood and the transport of white cells further strengthen the immune system and improve the health condition.
The treatment is divided into two methods: systemic and local therapy
1.Systemic herbal steam therapy: Patients should choose a steaming therapy room which size should be appropriate for patients. Then, put herbs inside a tub and add boiled water to produce steam. Patients can choose the dose of the herbs according to their diseases. Attention, interior should have louvers to adjust the room temperature. 
Commonly, the temperature stays in 35 ℃ -45 ℃. Patients should be naked into the steam room, usually the steam time is 30-45 minutes. After the steam treatment, patients can take rest in a warm, spacious lounge for about one hour, and they drink some water. Generally, patients can take the treatment 1-2 times a day. They can take 5-7 times for a course of treatment.
Local steam therapy: This therapy is generally used for the nose, mouth or the affected area. Commonly, patients boil the herbs and the liquid, then contians the essence of herbs. Then, patients can use the herbal liquid to apply the affected area.
Contraindications and precautions
1.Severe hypertension, tuberculosis, severe anemia, acute abdomen, heart disease, severe mental illness patients and pregnant women are not allowed to take this therapy.
2.The temperature can be adjusted according to individual tolerance when patients take the treatment. When the collective take steam treatment, the temperature should generally be adjusted between 37 ℃- 40 ℃. The elderly and frail should be pay attention to avoid collapse and syncope. 
3. For acute ophthalmia, hemorrhoids and other mucosal lesions patients, the steam temperature should not be overheating. Besides, they should pay attention to the steam treatment time to prevent the mucosal edema and hemorrhage.