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Do the pluses of aspirin outweigh its minuses?

Date:2018-12-02 click:0

UK doctors and researchers have recently found that the probability of suffering from heart attack won’t be reduced notably on healthy people taking aspirin every day. On the contrary, for them, their risk of having internal haemorrhage is as twice as normal people. 

Based on a report released on Aug 30th by United Nations agency, researchers announce it on the European heart association convention hold on Barcelona, Spain. They believe that it unsuits for common to take aspirin every day at the present stage. “Aspirin might be effective on preventing cardiovascular disease. However, it can also lead to internal hemorrhage and some of hemorrhages are severer enough to threaten life,” add researchers.
They chose 3000 people with high risk of affecting heart attack randomly and then divided them into two groups stochastically. One group was asked to take aspirin every day but the other group was not. After 8 years study on it, the data show that the ratio of acquiring stroke and heart attack is nearly same and the cause of death of is also the same. On the other hand, the group which takes aspirin every day is twice higher likely to develop internal hemorrhage. 
Aspirin is always used as medication on modifying blood pressure and cholesterol. It is commonly be taken by people who are older than 50. An administrator from Aspirin Foundation community claims, aspirin is only suitable for cardiovascular disease sufferers when his or her condition is caused by obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, and high pressure. Ordinary should follow doctor’s suggestion when taking it.