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How to deal with stomach pain after ejaculation?

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Stomach pain after ejaculation which is also known as pain after ejaculation is an common condition for men. Generally speaking, the pain after ejaculation not only can happen on the stomach but also can be experience on other parts like the perineum and the urethra.

According to Wikipedia, the pain after ejaculation is always happens when one has prostatitis, orchitis, infection (including sexually transmitted infections) that may inflame the area around the penis, urethritis, nerve damage to the penis, blockages in the ejaculatory duct or psychological problems. The prostatitis, orchitis and the infection around the penis are the top three reasons. Therefore, to deal with the stomach pain after ejaculation, patients should start from two aspects.
Aspect I: dealing with the pain itself
Since the stomach pain after ejaculation can be experienced directly, it is necessary for men to know some pain relieving pain methods. Firstly, men can take pain killer to relief the pain. Pain killer is easy to be approached and the effect is also excellent. However, men shouldn't take the pain killer often, because the more the pain killer they taken, the worse the effect they will get. Secondly, fomentation is also a good choice. Men can put some hot stuff like hot water bag on the pain area, because this way can improve the blood circulation of this area and ease the pain. But men should pay attention to the scald. However, if the fomentation is useless, men can also try the icing which is the third method that I would love to recommend. There is no need to introduction how to use this method, because it is one of the most commonly used methods all over the world.
Aspect II: dealing with the pain by uprooting the cause
The methods like taking pain killer, applying fomentation or icing only are means for the pain itself. They are not permanent cures, because the pain will come back if patients stop applying them. Therefore, it is vital to uproot the cause of the pain and gain a radical cure. 
Since the prostatitis, orchitis and the infection around the penis (mentioned on the second paragraph) are the top reasons of stomach pain after ejaculation, how to eradicate them becomes the key. Herbal medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can settle the pain from root. This herbal medicine contains more than 50 herbs. Therefore, it can activate the blood circulation, clear toxic materials, including virus, bacteria, chlamydia, etc. improving Qi and dissolve stasis and dampness. Therefore, the stomach pain can be uprooted by taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.