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Can diuretics work to swollen scrotum?

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Scrotum is the house of testicle, epididymis and seminiferous duct. It has a large number of winkles which can extend and contract to modify the temperature of testicles. Therefore, scrotum is important for man and the quality of sperm can be affected greatly.
However, scrotum is fragile and can be impacted by infection easy. Once men have diseases like epididymitis, hydrocele, orchitis, testicular torsion, varicocele or testicular cancer, they can experience an abnormal enlargement of the scrotum which is also known as swollen scrotum. Amazed by the surprising effect of diuretics, Therefore, lots of men question that can diuretics work to swollen scrotum?
Can the diuretics work to swollen scrotum? According to its definition, we can know that the diuretics are medicines that cause an increase in the flow of the urine. Therefore, it is easy to know that the major function of diuretics are causing increased passing of urine. Moreover, based on the data released by hospitals, diuretics commonly are prescribed to patients who have urine problems, like urgent urination, frequent urination, weak urine flow, and dribbling.
Back to the swollen scrotum, since it is a symptom of diseases that I mentioned above and also won’t bring urine problems to men. Therefore, diuretics cannot work to swollen scrotum and won’t be a cure of this symptom. To eliminate this symptom, men need to take other treatments.
Antibiotics and herbal medicines are excellent choices for this symptom, because the swollen scrotum is mainly caused by infection on reproductive organs like orchitis, epididymitis and so on. However, since the existence of the side-effect of antibiotics, including drug resistance, allergic reaction and damages to organs like liver and kidney, herbal medicines would be better.
Herbal medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can relieve the swollen on scrotum for men radically. This herbal pill does not have the side-effects that antibiotics have. What’s more, this herbal pill has strong ability to clear away heat and toxic materials, such as virus, bacteria, chlamydia or mycoplasma. Therefore, the swollen will disappear with the eliminating of infection. This herbal pill also has many other amazing functions like promoting Qi, activating blood circulation, dissolving lumps, dissipating stasis and improving immunity and self- healing ability, so the cure rate is high and the relapse rate is low.
All in all, the diuretics cannot work to swollen scrotum. If you want to cure settle the swollen scrotum, you can try antibiotics or Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.