Eliminate chronic epididymitis by following the three steps

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The causes of chronic epididymitis is infection and inflammatory. The symptoms of chronic epididymitis are edema, swelling, fibroplasia, hard lump, nodules and even scar tissues. Since the pain, the nodules and the infection are the main symptoms that chronic epididymitis has, eliminating the pain, the nodules and the infection are the three steps that patients have to follow.

First step: eliminating infection or inflammation
Since most chronic epididymitis are caused by infection and inflammation, patients can take antimicrobial susceptibility test to find out the most proper antibiotics. If the chronic epididymitis is bacterial type, it can be cured by antibiotics or Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. If it is caused by mumps virus, men should take anti-virus pills.
Second step: killing pain
Among all of the symptoms of chronic epididymitis, the pain is the most unbearable one. Because of the pain, men cannot enjoy the pleasure of sex. Because of the pain, the life quality is affected greatly. Because of the pain, they may lose their sexual ability and get their marriage damaged. Since the effect brought by pain is so huge, how to kill the pain? Men can take pain killers, massage and fomentation to get a relief.
Third step: dissipating mass
Duo to the chronic and long term infection stimulation, many chronic epididymitis patients have blockage on epididymal duct, nodules and hard lumps. Therefore, for men, dissipating mass is the third step they should take. However, there is no such effective western medicine can dissipate the mass. Therefore, men can turn their sight into herbal medicine. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation, dissipate mass and dissolve stasis, so it can eliminate the mass effectively.
Chronic epididymitis is easy to be cured with the above three steps. However, if the masses or nodules are a little large like more than 5 CM, it is better for men to take surgery to remove them.