Herbs To Reduce Swelling In The Testicles

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The testicles swelling is due to scrotum directly injured by external force, or perineum operation incomplete hemostasis, or is caused by inflammation. The Mild symptoms are swelling of the scrotum, severe pain or skin bruises. If severe, the testicles will be hematocele and scrotal rupture. Patients’ testicular often pain, and has obvious tenesmus feeling, and accompanied by fever, nausea, vomiting, high white blood cells, red scrotal skin, testicular swelling, and apparent tenderness.

If the testicle is pressed by the external force suddenly, it can lead to the testicles or scrotum blood collateral damage and blood overflow pulse, so the blood stasis symptom comes out. Most of the treatment are blood circulation, and supplemented by clearing the lower orifices.
Here are two kinds of herbal prescriptions for treating testicular swelling:
1. Angelica, Ligusticum wallichii, Frankincense and Myrrh, Tangerine seed, Radix Lindera: each 9 grams; Centella asiatica, Radix Paeoniae rubrathe: each 15 grams; Safflower, Green tangerine peel, Dried orange peel: each 6 grams; Eupolyphaga sinensis, Litchi: each 12 grams; and 3 grams Cumin. The making way is water decoction. Twice a day, and half of one dose for once. Fumigate the affected part by using the third decoction, once or twice a day. One week is a course. This prescription can make the blood cool and promote blood circulation, so as to stop bleeding and relieve pain.
2. 120 grams of the big ten credit leaves, 120 grams of Polygonum cuspidatum, 100 grams of Poria, 120 grams of Hedyotis diffusa, 1 gram of Juncus, 2 grams of Pangolin Scales, 10 grams of cork, and 10 grams of walnuts. Make the first five with fried water, twice a day and 2 day for one dose. Make the latter 3 into powder and divide them into four, then drink them with water. Seven days are one treatment course, and the treatment interval is three days.
Although that, only herbs are not enough, for no matter what kind of prescription it is, it can only work in some ways, the prescription itself is not extensive. If diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can be used in proper proportions for testicular swelling, the therapeutic effect will be perfect. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill has combined the advantages of many prescriptions, and the superiority is that kill the bacteria thoroughly. It is composed of many kinds of useful and rare medicinal herbs. Not only that, use ready-made pill can avoid many troubles, such as do not know how to boil medicinal herbs, do not have enough time, or avoid the smelly herbs which is difficult to remove from the room.