Causes And Treatments Of Recurrent Orchitis

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Orchitis is a common male reproductive system disease related to chronic inflammation of the urinary system. Men with orchitis will generally have symptoms such as testicular swelling, pain, and lower abdomen pain. 
Patients need to understand the symptoms of orchitis and pay attention to the treatment. Even if they get better, orchitis may repeatedly occur, causing pain in the testicles, scrotum and the root of the thigh and seriously affecting their life and work.
What caused recurrent orchitis?
Doctors point out that the causes of orchitis mainly include retrograde and hematogenous infection, and repeated attacks are caused by incomplete clearance of the infective agent. Retrograde infection is mainly due to urinary tract infection, seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis retrograde infection to epididymis or testis. Hematogenous infection generally refers to a bacterial infection in other parts of the body that spreads to the testicles, causing the symptoms of orchitis.
In daily life, the diet may also cause orchitis, such as overworking, staying up late, drinking, eating spicy, raw and cold foods. Experts point out that some microbes that cause orchitis may get into a latent infection after a full course of antibiotic treatment due to its drawbacks. Factors such as drinking, fatigue and mental stress may induce the reproduction of those latent pathogenic bacteria, thus causing symptoms of infection and recurrence of orchitis.
A weakened immune system is also a factor. Patients with orchitis may have low immunity, accompanied by diabetes, tumor, hepatopathy, or other chronic diseases, which will significantly impact the treatment of orchitis, leading to repeated attacks.
How to cure orchitis?
1. For the treatment of male orchitis, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are mainly used. For example, cefepoxime ester tablet, levofloxacin and other drugs have apparent therapeutic effects. 
In addition, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has good bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. Patients with orchitis can also adhere to take it, which can be used with western medicine simultaneously.
2. Orchitis can be easily cured, but its recurrence rate is high as well. As is mentioned before, it's mainly related to unhealthy eating habits, alcohol and tobacco stimulation, frequent sexual life and other factors. Therefore, during the prevention and health care, you should avoid spicy foods, alcohol, smoke, excessive sex, and frequently masturbate. Moreover, you should eat fewer pig feet, fish soup, mutton and other stimulating foods, preventing further infiltration and diffusion of the disease. 
But you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which can increase nutrition such as vitamin C, and improve your body anti-inflammatory ability. Remember, proper exercise can also help.
3. Wearing tight underwear with poor permeability for a long time, or having too much mental pressure or excessive fatigue, often holding urine and other reasons will also lead to the recurrence of orchitis. These are the matters that patients should pay attention to. 
Besides, testicular maintenance can be used in daily life. Males can massage their testicles with both hands when taking a bath or before going to bed. Rub the testicles with your thumbs clockwise for ten minutes, and do it the other way around. You will benefit from the massage if you keep on doing it.
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