Dietary Prescriptions for Chronic Epididymitis

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Many men have suffered from chronic epididymitis, which severely disturbs their health. If the inflammation can't be cured in time, the pain caused by it will cause many inconveniences and affect their daily life. How to treat chronic epididymitis? 
When western medicine fails to cure the disease, many people prefer to take some folk prescriptions. As for the treatment of epididymitis, there are four folk prescriptions recommended.
1. External application of ginger

Extract the proper amount of ginger. Take plump old ginger, wash it with clean water, and cut it into even thin slices, which is about 0.2cm thick. 6 to 10 pieces are applied to the affected side of the genitals each time, and the scrotum is covered with gauze. Replace them once or twice a day until recovery. No antibiotics during the treatment, but you can use analgesics appropriately if you can't put up with the pain.
2. Radix bupleuri and radix paeoniae rubra 
Radix bupleuri, radix paeoniae rubra, szechwan chinaberry fruit, bile grass, lychee seed, wide orange nuclear, rhizoma alismatis, oriental wormwood, gentiana macrophylla, plantain seed and licorice are included. One dose a day, with water decocted two times. One course of treatment lasts 10 days. This folk prescription can soothe your liver, regulate your energy and remove the heat. According to clinical reports, nine patients with epididymitis were effectively cured in 1 to 2 courses.
3. Phellodendron and rehmannia glutinosa
Phellodendron, rehmannia glutinosa, rhizoma anemarrhenae, tortoise plastron, swine spinal cord, ljaponica and lychee seed are included, which are decocted with water. One dose a day, and one course of treatment lasts 10 days. This folk prescription can nourish Yin and clear away heat, activate blood and remove blood stasis. It is reported that 10 cases of acute epididymitis, 7 cases of chronic epididymitis and one case of chronic epididymitis have been well treated with this prescription.
4. Radix bupleuri and radix linderae

Radix bupleuri, radix linderae, green tangerine peel, tangerine seed, fupian, seeweed, big fritillaria and semen brassicae are included, which are decocted with water. One dose a day. This folk prescription mainly cures epididymitis, which generally needs you to take seven to ten doses until you are better.
In addition to those folk prescriptions, patients can also choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can directly eliminate the pathogen. It's a good treatment for the disease. Besides, it can also prevent the adjacent organs of epididymis from mutual infection. The pill can also eliminate the pain, falling, swelling and other discomfort caused by the disease, and prevent epididymis fibrosis.
Patients with chronic epididymitis should control the diet at the same time. Do not eat spicy and stimulative food and keep a regular life. You should know that spicy food not only makes the pain worse, but also prevents the medicine from working. As long as you adhere to the treatment, you can eventually cure the disease and improve your life.
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