Can Epididymitis Bring About Frequent Spermatorrhea?

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Epididymitis is a common disease in the male reproductive system infection. When all sorts of reasons cause male resistance to drop, a pathogenic bacterium can invade epididymis to cause inflammation. The symptoms of it include sudden pain in scrotal areas, swollen epididymis, fever, epididymis scleroma and so on.
Can epididymitis bring about frequent spermatorrhea?
Some experts say, epididymitis makes genital areas regularly congestive and spinal ejaculation center pathologically excited, which will cause frequent spermatorrhea. Besides epididymitis, the stimulation caused by acroposthitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis and other inflammations can also make the penis easily erect and lead to spermatorrhea.
Epididymitis can affect sperm maturity and reduce its fertilizing ability. And the disease can bring about blockage in the epididymal duct, which affects the output of sperm and cause male sterility. Frequent spermatorrhea will make patients exhausted and cause memory loss. When you have those symptoms, you should get treated in time. Taking the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. It has a great antibacterial property and anti-inflammatory effect, which can effectively treat epididymitis.
There are many reasons for frequent spermatorrhea. In addition to inflammation, overlooked lifestyle habits, such as sleeping on your stomach, can also contribute to it.
Long-term sleeping on the stomach can compress the scrotum, stimulate the penis, which makes it easy to cause frequent spermatorrhea. It can also lead to dizziness, back pain, fatigue and lack of concentration, which can disrupt the normal work and life.
Young people are naturally sensitive to penis stimulation,which means they should avoid this sleeping position. The scrotum needs to maintain a constant temperature to facilitate the production of sperm. Sleeping on the stomach can raise the temperature of your scrotum. In that case, it is not easy to dissipate the heat in time. Therefore, it also has an impact on sperm growth.
So what's the better sleeping position for men? The principle of sleeping position is not to compress internal organs, which is conducive to rest. Men are advised to sleep in the supine or right-sided position, which doesn't squeeze their scrotum or heart, and is best for their body.
If the frequent spermatorrhea is caused by urethritis, balanitis, pericarditis and prostatitis, you should go to a standard hospital to examine before you can determine the treatment plan. Besides, the things you should do to cope with non-pathological frequent spermatorrhea are as follows.
1. Overcome your mental anxiety.
2. Wear loose cotton underpants.
3. Bedding shouldn't be overweight.
4. Abstain from masturbation.
5. Pay attention to the external genital cleaning, 
6. Frequently wash and change your underwear.
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