How does epididymitis affect quality of sperm?

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Epididymis is a reproductive organ with long and thin shape of strip which is closed to the testicles. Epididymal secretions contain rich nutrients, like fructose which are indispensable material for sperm' growth. We all mistakenly believe seminal vesicle is the storage place and cultivating place of sperm. In fact, Epididymis is the cradle for cultivating sperm and seminal vesicle is the key process for sperm' discharge. From the above introduction, epididymitis affect quality of sperm directly, and it can lead to male sterility. So how does epididymis affect sperm' quality?

1, Cut off the sperm' supply: The interior of the epididymis has more than ten complex tiny pipes in the upper part of the testes, nutrients are conveyed to sperm through the small tube. The small tube will be congestive and dropsical if epididymis is infected with inflammation, which reduces the supply ability of raising a sperm. What's worse is epididymis is in a state of stopping to supply completely.
2, Block the sperm' normal output: Because inflammation can make tube dropsical and congestive, so sperm was blocked in the epididymis tube. Besides, the life-pan of the sperm is limited, long-standing obstruction in a small tube causes obstructed sperm less or none.
3, Reduce the sperm' activity ability: Some pathogens (such as escherichia coli) can cause damage to sperm in epididymis pipe directly. That can reduce or inhibit sperm' activities after epididymis is infected by pathogens. Inflammatory response produces a large number of metabolites which can poison sperm or change sperm's living conditions, decreases sperm'motility or the number of sperm, increases dead number of sperm and the rate of malformed sperm, etc.
4, Bundle the sperm: Epididymitis is the key factor to form antisperm antibody. After the sperm antibody forms, they are mixed in semen, overtake sperm, surrounded sperm or adsorb on the surface of sperm and kill all sperm.
Dr. Lee suggests patients come to hospital to have a check timely, avoid using medicine blindly. Chinese natural medicine diuretic anti-inflammatory pill has good effect on treating epididymitis. Diuretic anti-inflammatory pills have the function of clearing away heat and toxic materials, and invigorating the circulation of blood. Besides that, Diuretic anti-inflammatory pills have no side effect such as drug resistance.