Do not underestimate the Orchitis, identify treatment is the key

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Orchitis usually have three main symptoms:
When one gets the orchitis, he would first show the feeling of pain, such as the touch pain and intercourse pain. Testicular pain always accompanied with a sense of falling while the testicle is significantly enlarged. Sexual pain occurs when it is acute happen, this is because when people exciting, the testicular congestion, so the activities of turning or up and down will cause pain.
General malaise
In most cases, orchitis are caused by viruses or bacteria, orchitis can also lead the unwell in the whole body, such as high temperature, chills, nausea and vomiting. So the severe infections may be life-threatening. 
Sexual dysfunction
As many men can not stand the pain, especially the intercourse pain, so they usually do not want to have sex, or even decreased libido, erectile difficulties, along with decreased sexual function, or even completely lost.
If the patients present the symptoms above, then they can take the medicine with the function of detoxification, blood promoting to treat it. The diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is such kind of medicine. And if not to be treated, the diagnosis would be delayed.
Orchitis affect male fertility. When testicular inflammation, it can affect sperm quality, reduced sperm count or sperm viability. In severe cases, there will be dead sperm, azoospermia, and finally affect the fertility of male. At the same time, the bacteria will be transmitted to the spouse by sexual intercourse. In the end, both spouses are getting the bacteria infection.
Orchitis would cause the neighboring organs diseases. Orchitis can cause inflammatory lesions in the peripheral organs, such as varicocele, spermatic cord inflammation, prostatitis, endocrine disease, nephritis, urinary tract infections and so on.
Long time illness would cause of aging. If orchitis left untreated, the Qi consumption will even fast, causing the limb atrophy, and the premature aging performance. 
So when you infected with orchitis, do not panic, orchitis can be cured. Early detection and timely taking diuretic and anti-inflammatory can solve your problems.