Recommend Some Natural Remedies for Sexual Dysfunction Caused by Seminal Vesiculitis

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There are many kinds of urological diseases that cause male sexual dysfunction. For example, infections involve the urethra, prostate, or testis often lead to sexual dysfunction. And the benign scrotal masses can also be a cause of obstructive sexual dysfunction. Among them, the influence of seminal vesiculitis on sexual dysfunction cannot be ignored.

Symptoms of seminal vesiculitis
Seminal vesiculitis is a pathogen retrogradely infected through the urethra and it simultaneously invades the seminal vesicle glands on both sides. Seminal vesiculitis can be divided into acute and chronic according to the course of the disease.
Acute seminal vesiculitis often has local pain symptoms, and painful ejaculation, especially when sexual life is frequent; it is often accompanied by infection of the adjacent organs, which can cause abdominal pain. The enlarged and tender seminal vesicles can be touched by digital rectal examination.
Chronic seminal vesiculitis usually has blood sperm as a common symptom, and the semen is pink, red or with blood clots. Accompanied by sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other manifestations. 
Treatments of seminal vesiculitis
Is there any natural treatment for sexual dysfunction caused by seminal vesiculitis? You can try our herbal Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can effectively treat sexual dysfunction caused by seminal vesiculitis. After used in some periods, it can eliminate viruses and bacteria in the body and achieve anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects. And there will be no drug resistance. 
Are there any other treatments of natural remedies for sexual dysfunction caused by seminal vesiculitis? Let’s look together.
1. No need for treatment
If the volume is not large or it was discovered accidentally by yourself or during the physical examination, and there are no symptoms at ordinary times. Then, there is no need for treatment. As long as the patient is explained and educated in detail to relieve the ideological concerns.
2. Avoid excessive intercourse
To reduce the degree of congestion of the sex organs. Patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis can perform seminal vesicle prostate massage on a regular basis (1 to 2 times a week). One is to enhance the blood supply of the prostate and seminal vesicles, and the other is to promote the excretion of inflammatory substances.
3. Change bad daily habits
Experts say that daily routines must be regular and good habits must be developed. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and spicy food.
4. Local treatment
The gauze pad is soaked with medicine and placed in the perineum and connected to the anode of the direct current physiotherapy device. Try warm water sitz bath (water temperature 42℃) to improve local blood supply and help inflammation subsided. Avoid sitting for too long to prevent pelvic congestion.
To sum up, there are many natural treatments for seminal vesiculitis, such as maintaining a good routine, and hot water baths, etc., even in mild cases, treatment is unnecessary. Since each patient's physical condition is different and the cause of the disease is different, the treatment method is also different. The treatment must be targeted according to your own situation in order to achieve the best treatment effect.
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