Can You Run If You Have Seminal Vesiculitis?

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Seminal vesiculitis, one of the most common diseases of the reproductive system in men, is caused by bacteria infection. And it is often accompanied by prostatitis. It also leads to infertility in men, bringing damage to their bodies and mental health.
Many seminal vesiculitis patients with running habits often wonder if they can run? This article gives a brief overview of whether an individual can run with seminal vesiculitis.

Can you run if you have seminal vesiculitis? 
The answer to this question is a big YES. Seminal vesiculitis does not stop anyone from running. There are various misconceptions about whether an individual can run with seminal vesiculitis. However, there are some precautions that the individual needs to take before running to protect the seminal vesicle from further damage.
There are cases that running has caused a reduction in the pain caused by seminal vesiculitis. Some people believe that running exacerbates seminal vesiculitis, but in reality, this is not true.
Experts have proved that walking, jogging, and other forms of moderate exercises have significantly reduced the pain of the lower abdomen and perineum in patients with seminal vesiculitis. These experts also point out that people who run on a routine basis have low incidences of seminal vesiculitis than people who do not run.
Also, as running actually assists in improving your body quality, there is more resistance against bacteria and viruses. Running significantly reduces the risk of seminal vesiculitis and the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis. Thus, if a man has seminal vesiculitis, then he can definitely run with certain precautionary measures. 
There are several guidelines for running with seminal vesiculitis.

The first and foremost for running is that it’s normal to start slow and stop running when running due to seminal vesiculitis. However, if there is any pain while running, the individual needs to stop and take a break for a couple of days before starting to run again. For men with seminal vesiculitis, jogging and walking are recommended because these two mild sports can avoid high body temperature and a shortage of local blood supply. The sports can not lead to congestion of seminal vesicle.
The second point for running is that you have to keep in mind the shoes and road. The fact have shown that a pair of sneakers is the best option for running with seminal vesiculitis. When you suffer from seminal vesiculitis, it is better to run on a school playground or even a greenway along a lake where you are not able to fall and increase the risks of seminal vesiculitis.
Some men with seminal vesiculitis develop sports hematuria because of strenuous running like a marathon. Their kidney feel strong vibration or strike in the strenuous exercise, leading to rupture of renal blood vessels with blood urine. Once they have the symptoms or any other symptoms, they must stop the exercise immediately. For people with no signs of sports hematuria, they need to reduce exercising and continue to observe the condition.
Speaking of sports, men with seminal vesiculitis can choose a moderate practice that is particularly beneficial for them. During the sport, if you feel uncomfortable, you had better stop and see if there are problems with your seminal vesicle. 
You’d better not expect that one exercise for a long time can improve your seminal vesiculitis. 45 minutes of exercise three times a week is probably good for your condition.
While there are misconceptions about running with seminal vesiculitis, experts have proved that there is no harm in running with this condition. Therefore, you can jog or walk if you have seminal vesiculitis.
But patients should keep in mind that exercise is not a substitute for medication. Patients still need medical treatment when they have some symptoms. And Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a patent herbal medicine in Wuhan Dr.Lee’s TCM Clinic, can help men get rid of seminal vesiculitis completely. And it can also work on prostatitis and other male reproductive system diseases. Hope everyone can benefit from medication and exercise.
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