What Can You Do If You Have A Relapse After Seminal Vesiculitis Treatment?

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Seminal vesiculitis is one of the infectious diseases which generally occur in males aged 20-40. There are chronic and acute seminal vesiculitis depending on individuals. Men with seminal vesiculitis usually have the following symptoms.

1. Blood in Semen
Normally, semen is milky white, but seminal vesiculitis can result in blood-streaked or pink semen. If you have acute seminal vesiculitis, your semen will be darker.
2. Pain in the lower abdomen
In acute cases, men with seminal vesiculitis may feel pain in the lower abdomen, their perineum and both groins are also painful when stimulated. However, In chronic seminal vesiculitis cases, men often feel pain in the upper side of their pubis, and sometimes the pain will increase during ejaculation.
3. Abnormal urination
Men with acute seminal vesiculitis have urgent and painful urination when their urinary systems have inflammation. What’s more, they are difficult to urinate. But men with chronic seminal vesiculitis have frequent urination and even have burning pain when urinating.
Seminal vesiculitis is prone to recur. What are the reasons?
As we all know, the seminal vesicle is not an organ for storing semen, but an accessory gland of the male genitalia. It is located behind the bladder and outside of the ampulla of vas deferens, and it brings a certain degree of difficulty to the treatment due to the structure of the seminal vesicle. When the seminal vesicle is inflamed, the drainage is not smooth, and bacteria are easy to invade. If the condition is not treated incompletely, men with seminal vesiculitis will experience the disease again.
Seminal vesiculitis is a very common disease in urology, it is very easy to relapse. Therefore, it requires normal and complete treatment. If seminal vesiculitis recurs, the measures mainly include the following points:
First, you need to carry out a comprehensive examination, including physical examination, semen routine examination, blood routine, urine routine, and color Doppler ultrasound of the urogenital system. If necessary, you should also have a seminal vesicle examination.
Second, according to the results of the examination, you need to make a detailed treatment plan. On the one hand, you need to apply anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment; on the other hand, you need to relieve spasms and pain based on your condition.
Third, when you finish treatment, you also need to check in regularly to evaluate the effect of the treatment and to see the possibility of recurrence.
Men may consider antibiotics when treating seminal vesiculitis, but these drug are harmful to your liver and kidney, and they increase risks of drug resistance. They will aggravate your condition in the long run and make your doctor harder to treat. 
Herbal therapy, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, is useful for treating the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis. It hasn’t drug-resistance and any other side effects. Like food, medicine comes from minerals, plants, and animals of nature and has no toxic effects. More importantly, The product is safe and effective, and it can be used continuously until the disease is cured.
For people with seminal vesiculitis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can wipe out pain of patients. In addition to herbal therapy, you also need to pay attention to daily care.
1. During the acute seminal vesiculitis, you are not allowed to get seminal vesicle massage and check the seminal tract. After the disappearance of blood sperm, you had better rest for 1 to 2 weeks. Also, frequent and fierce sex life is not recommended for you. Other activities are also not allowed, including sitting and cycling for a long time.
2. You are expected to manage your diet, your condition will benefit from your nutrition and bland diet. Please remember spicy food will aggravate your disease.
3. For men with seminal vesiculitis, it’s important to keep your mood cheerful and avoid mental stress.
When men find seminal vesiculitis recurred, they must give the condition to the top list. They need to consult the doctors and treat it in time. 
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