The epididymal induration would turn out to be chronic epididymitis

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Epididymitis are more caused by other genitourinary organs, and the most common symptom is epididymal induration. And if it is given a timely and adequate treatment, the disease can generally be cured. However, if the patients have inadequate treatment or poor resistance, then the disease will become chronic epididymitis.
D.Clarke is living in Singapore, he had bothered by chronic epididymitis for over a year, typical symptoms include pain and swelling. When he found it, he went to the hospital and the doctor gave the diagnosis of chronic epididymitis with epididymis knotting and induration. He choosed the TCM Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill in the first time according to Dr.lee, and keep the dietary requirement of no alcohol, milk, fished, seafoods, beef, chicken, onions, spicies in mind. After a period of medicine taking, the symptoms have obviously changed. After two months pills, the patient felt improvments and one side seems nearly all back to normal. After 3 months and 2 weeks pills, the pain in epididymis was almost gone, the chronic epididymitis was completely cured. But as the patient also had epididymis knotting, swelling and pain and epididymal induration, so he continued on the pills for several more months. 
Epididymis is the cradle of sperm maturation. For many people, epididymitis is an unspeakable embarrassing issue. Wuhan Dr.lee advises that for the treatment of epididymitis, you need to distinguish which kind of disease it belong to, the acute inflammation or the chronic inflammation. Generally speaking, epididymitis is the retrograde infection of genital tract, in the acute period, the patients show a clear sense of pain. A lot of people indiscriminately use of antibiotics. As a result, disease is persistent to chronic epididymitis. 
Compared with acute epididymitis, the treatment of chronic epididymitis would be more difficult. So for chronic epididymitis, you can choose the medicine with blood circulation, spleen strengthening to treat. The Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills can directly have an efficacy on lesions to promote the absorption of inflammatory tissue. By the internal anti-inflammatory, and inflammation of the epididymis tail would be completely eliminated.