What is the result if taking herbal remedy to cure orchitis?

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What is orchitis? It is a disease occurs on testicles. Its main symptom is pain in testicle. This disease is a reason of male infertility, because testicle is factory of sperm, so if the factory is broken, no sperm can be produces or the quality of sperm is bad. Orchitis is an inflammation of one or both testicles, most commonly associated with the virus that causes mumps. At least one-third of males who contract mumps after puberty develop orchitis.

1. Symptoms of acute orchitis
Sudden onset of Testicular Pain
High fever
Nausea or Vomiting 
2. Symptoms of chronic orchitis
Chronic orchitis is always caused by mistreatment or recurence of acute orchitis. Sufferers would have swelling testicle and feel pain when touching testicle. Some patients have shrinking testicle. 
3. Complications of orchitis may include: 
Testicular atrophy. Orchitis may eventually cause the affected testicle to shrink.
Scrotal abscess. The infected tissue fills with pus.
Repeated epididymitis. Orchitis can lead to recurrent episodes of epididymitis.
Infertility. In a small number of cases, orchitis may cause infertility; however, if orchitis affects only one testicle, infertility is less likely.
Herbal medicine for orchitis
We all know that antibiotics are typical treatment for orchitis, but a lot of men cannot take antibiotics because of drug resistance and side-effects. What result those men will get if they take herbal medicine replaced? Herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill not only can clear away heat and toxic materials, but also has many other advantages that antibiotics don’t have such as promoting blood circulation, dissipating hard lumps, improving Qi, dissolving stasis and releasing pain. This herbal medicine also has no drug resistance no side-effects, thus, it can be taken by every orchitis patients. What result orchitis men will get if taking herbal remedy? The only result they will get is say goodbye to this disease forever. Generally speaking, orchitis can be cured by this pill with three months as long patients can follow out eating diet.