Cure epididymitis with herbs and prevent it in your daily life

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What is epididymitis? Epididymitis is a genital disease of which the characteristic is that the tubes on the surface of the testis are infected by bacteria. Epididymis is used to store the sperms. When a man wants to ejaculate, the sperms would travel from the epididymis to the urethra through deferent duct. Epididymitis can be classified as chronic epididymitis and acute epididymitis. Acute epididymitis dies down as quickly as it begins. But it is easy for chronic epididymitis to recur. Sometimes you think you have already recovered but it reappears again with severer symptoms. More seriously, the chronic epididymitis can induce male infertility.


Under some circumstances, epididymitis is caused by unhealth sexual intercourse. You may have the risk of acquiring epididymitis if you have multiple sex partners, have unsafe sex or have the experience of acquiring genital diseases. Because the bacteria can always travel from the urethral tract to the genital tract, you are more likely to get epididymitis if you have already acquired urinary tract infection. In addition, aged men who have prostatic hyperplasma, or have had operations on prostate, or urethral canal would be more likely to acquire epididymitis.
If we have acquired epididymitis, we should treat it as soon as possible. If not, the infected testicle would shrink. With the development of the disease, it can lead to scrotal abscess and the affected area would be filled with pus. The solution for this situation is to take some medicine. We suggest you to take diuretics and anti-inflammatory pill, which is made from dozens of Chinese herbs. All of the ingredients come originally from nature. These herbs can help you to clear away heat and toxic materials, and promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis. And you should keep taking the pills until the disease is completely cured. One months is a course of treatment and three months is a total period of treating. In the first month, pain of epididymis would be highly relieved and the other symptoms would also be lightened. After taking this medicine for three month, all of the symptoms would disappear. And then you should go to the hospital to have a reexamination to make sure the inflammation has been cleared.
More suggestions: Except for taking medicine, you should also prevent and cure epididymitis in your daily life. For example, you'd better wear a athletic supporter rather than brief. And you can wrap ice or cold packs in a pillow case or towel to relieve pain and swelling under the guidance of your doctor. While doing sexual intercourse, you should make sure to do the safety precautions for preventing the sexual transmitted diseases.