How To Avoid Epididymitis In Summer?

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As summer approaches, hot weather can increase the incidence of urinary tract infections in men. Epididymitis is a urological infection that men are prone to have in summer. It is mainly caused by factors such as urethral stricture, urethritis, prostatic hyperplasia and tuberculosis infection.

The epididymis is attached to the posterolateral area of the testis. It consists of curved ductus epididymitis, which plays a vital role in promoting sperm maturation, storage, absorption and decay. Therefore, when bilateral epididymides have lesions, they will cause male sterility. The epididymitis symptoms in the acute stage are scrotal swelling and pain, which involve the lower abdomen and the root of the thigh, causing inconvenience of walking. Moreover, improper treatment in the acute phase can lead to chronic epididymitis.



How to avoid epididymitis in summer?

As we all know, jeans are trendy in modern society. Wearing jeans is cool, but it doesn't mean that it's a wise option in summer. Studies have shown that the formation of epididymitis is more or less related to jeans.

Medical research proves that the male reproductive system needs to be in low temperature. If you often wear jeans, especially in summer, it will make your local temperature too high, which is adverse to the formation of sperm. So it is better for you to try shorts and some looser pants when the weather is hot and dry. Besides, wet weather, frequent sex and unhealthy sexual intercourse may cause inflammation, which should be avoided as far as possible.

Related diseases in summer

The hot weather can cause a lot of discomfort to the human body. In addition to epididymitis, urethritis and orchitis are also common male urogenital diseases in summer.

The required optimal temperature to maintain the normal physiological function of male testicles is about 35℃, and the human body temperature of 37℃ is detrimental to testicles. Since the testicle has a strict requirement for temperature, the scrotum bears the responsibility of regulating testicular temperature. When the testicles get cold, the scrotal skin will contract, preventing heat loss. And when testicles are overheated, it will relax.

Scrotal temperature regulation is limited. When the temperature changes beyond its range, the physiological function of the testis will inevitably be damaged. Therefore, experts advise that men be kind to their testicles and avoid sitting on the loose sofa for a long time, which can affect the heat dissipation of the lower body. In daily life, male friends are encouraged to wear loose pants to keep their lower body ventilated and dry, so that the testicles can get a relaxed working environment.

It is worth mentioning that the secretion of sweat glands can increase in hot weather, and the volume of urine will decrease relatively. Besides, due to the hot weather, lesion muscles can get relaxed and blood vessels can expand, which accelerates the blood circulation, relieve prostate hyperemia and edema, and temporarily make urethra relatively smooth.

But once the weather turns cold, the symptoms of prostatitis will occur again, and the delay of treatment will aggravate the disease. Therefore, patients with prostatitis should be notified that stopping taking medicine is not advisable when the condition is temporarily improved. Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for one to three months, which is very conducive to treating the disease.

Reproductive diseases are caused by many factors, including the season, which is always neglected by many people. Summer is not over yet, and you should pay attention to avoiding the summer heat, maintaining personal hygiene and taking a bath regularly. Then you can prevent those diseases from occurring.

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