What Exercises Are Suitable For Patients With Epididymitis?

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Clinical study shows that epididymitis is caused by a variety of factors, which can be divided into viral, spirochetes and other types. After pathogens infect the testis, such as escherichia coli, which can directly damage the sperm in the epididymis, inhibit its mobility or make it agglutinate, reducing its activity.

Some pathogens, such as mycoplasma and chlamydia, can stick to the surface of sperm, making it less active or even lost. Therefore, epididymitis is a serious hazard to the male reproductive system.
It is well known that exercise can strengthen the body and its immunity. So what exercises are suitable for patients with epididymitis? 
Doctors point out that each patient's physique is different, which means doing exercises can not be widely suggested. You can get your physique improved through exercise, but it may also aggravate your disease.
After exercise, you will feel tired and your immunity will temporarily decline. In the epididymis area, symptoms like obvious hyperemia, suppuration and even edema may occur. Excessive exercise can lead to increased inflammation and irritation in the body. Avoiding exercise prevents inappropriate behavior from further exacerbating the condition.
However, in the recovery phase, patients can do appropriate exercise. It is recommended to do some mild exercise, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease. For example, you can do some walking, tai chi and other activities to promote the body's blood circulation. Some doctors say patients can do the levator ani sports and avoid sitting for a long time, which can prevent the pressure on the testicles.
It should be noted that you have to avoid strenuous exercise, such as running, high jump, riding a bike and other sports. You can go out for a walk after dinner, or do radio gymnastics in the morning.
Essentially, exercise only complements the treatment of your disease. To better solve the problem, you should opt for medication or surgery. There are many causes of epididymitis, among which the main one is a bacterial infection. E.coli is the most common pathogenic bacteria. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill plays a strong role in sterilization and elimination of inflammation, which can effectively treat epididymitis caused by a bacterial infection. 
In addition, patients should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and increase the intake of vitamin C and other components to improve the body's anti-inflammatory ability. Eating less pig's feet, fish soup, mutton and other so-called "stimulating food", so as not to cause secretion increase in inflammatory areas.  
An unhealthy diet can cause further infiltration and diffusion of the disease and aggravate previous symptoms. Don't eat spicy foods, smoke or drink alcohol, and don't stand or sit for too long, don't have excessive sex or frequent masturbation, etc. Keep taking medicine, pay attention to diet and exercise, and maintain a positive attitude, so that epididymitis can be better cured.
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