Common cause of testicular pain and swelling

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Pain in the testicles is an overtly sensitive issue for men and can be caused by different things. Most pain is temporary, causing some symptoms but no permanent conditions. But at times pain may be more severe, causing erectile dysfunction or impotence.

The most common cause of testicular pain and swelling is physical trauma. This can occur if an individual accidentally hurts his groin or is struck in the area. It is also possible to feel pain and discomfort after vigorous sexual activity. In these cases, the testicular pain is temporary. The individual can choose to manage the discomfort with painkillers or a cold compress or simply wait until the pain fades.
At times the testicle can get infected and cause pain. This condition is called Epididymitis and common in men 18 years of age and older. Gonorrhea or chlamydia, two sexually transmitted diseases, may also cause this condition. In older men enlargement of the prostate gland is a common cause of testicular infection.
The treatment of testicular pain and swelling depends largely on the cause of the discomfort. General soreness from physical fatigue, for example, can be treated with a cold compress or painkillers. On the other hand, testicular torsion, in which testicular pain and swelling are caused by a twisted testicle, requires immediate surgical intervention. In most cases, testicular pain and swelling is considered to be a medical emergency. Individuals who experience any related symptoms should consult a urologist as soon as possible.
If the pain is sudden and persistent, however, it may be a sign of a more serious medical condition. One of the chief medical causes of testicular pain and swelling is testicular torsion. Individuals with this condition suffer from a testicle that has twisted inside the scrotum, which can eventually cut off blood supply to the testicle. Testicular torsion must be surgically corrected immediately to prevent any permanent damage to the organ.