Beware of the Foods Aggravating Testicular Fibrosis!

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Symptoms of testicular fibrosis include testicular pain, stiffness, and loss of elasticity. The testis is an essential reproductive organ for men. If there is fibrosis and inflammation, it may cause symptoms such as testicular swelling, fever, and discomfort in urination.

Testicular fibrosis has specific harm to male reproductive health. In addition to timely medical treatment, care should be taken in daily life. Testicular fibrosis has a lot to do with the occurrence of orchitis. In terms of diet, you should avoid eating some foods that can stimulate the aggravation of inflammation. So, what are the dietary taboos for testicular fibrosis?
First, Dietary Taboos for Testicular Fibrosis
When testicular fibrosis occurs, it is necessary to avoid spicy and irritating foods in the diet, such as peppers, wine, coffee, etc. These foods easily aggravate the inflammatory reaction in the body and lead to aggravation of the disease. In addition, high-fat foods such as mutton, pig's trotters, and fish soup should be avoided. 
Such foods can promote the secretion of inflammatory substances, further aggravate inflammation, and be detrimental to the recovery of the disease. In addition, foods with high cholesterol, such as egg yolks, cream, etc., can also lead to the spread of inflammation and should also be avoided.
The diet of patients with testicular fibrosis should be light, easy to digest, and nutritious. You can properly take in some foods rich in protein, vitamins, cellulose, etc.; these foods can enhance physical fitness and improve resistance. At the same time, testicular fibrosis is often related to male urogenital diseases such as orchitis and prostatitis. It can cause symptoms such as testicular pain, stiffness, and weakened elasticity. 
So, patients can also use herbal medicine to nurse their bodies. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. Its formula is composed of pure plant, which is bactericidal and anti-inflammatory and can help the body resist fibrosis. In addition to the above-mentioned dietary aspects, patients with testicular fibrosis must also pay attention to the following points in their daily lives.
Second, Other Considerations for Testicular Fibrosis
1. Pay Attention to Cleaning
Patients with testicular fibrosis should always keep the genital area clean and dry by washing the genital organs regularly. You should wear loose, breathable cotton underwear in your daily life.
2. Sexual Abstinence
When testicular fibrosis occurs, sex life should be avoided to prevent cross-infection until the inflammation has cleared. You should also control your sex frequency and avoid unclean sexual life in your daily life. If you have a habit of masturbation, you should try to get rid of it.
3. Maintain Good Living Habits
Patients with testicular fibrosis should also pay attention to good daily living habits. You should rest well and ensure adequate sleep time. Usually, you should avoid sitting for a long time. You can get up and move after sitting for a long time to promote the body's blood circulation. You should also actively participate in various sports activities, such as jogging, swimming, etc., which are also beneficial for the health of reproductive organs.
In a word, men should pay attention to the problem of testicular fibrosis and make an effort to have a healthy diet, avoid stimulating food, and ensure balanced nutrition. They should also care for their hygiene, control their sexual life, maintain good living habits, and regularly go to the hospital for examination to avoid more serious problems!
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