Testicular Pain! Could It Be An Attack Of Orchitis?

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Men become very nervous when they discover that testicular pain occurs on a sudden. So do you know what causes the pain?
Doctors point out that testicular pain can be said to be the most typical symptom of orchitis. When we experience pain in the testicles, and when we rule out trauma, it's probably orchitis. And testicular pain may radiate into the groin and thighs, sometimes making males difficult to walk normally.

testicular pain and orchitis in men
In men, testicular pain can be identified by perception, and there are other symptoms that can help you determine the presence of orchitis.
1. Testicular swelling
In the early stage, inflammation of the testis will lead to redness and swelling, and there will be a slight pain feeling. When you gently massage the testis, the pain will rapidly be aggravated.
2. Urgent urination and painful urination
When you have abnormal urination, such as frequent urination, urgent urination, and painful urination, it may be something wrong with your urinary system, and these symptoms may be related to orchitis as well as prostatitis, cystitis, urinary tract infection and so on.
3. Blood in semen
Sperm comes from the testes, and if orchitis occurs at this time, it will lead to blood clots in semen, resulting in hemospermia, that is blood in semen. In addition, hemospermia is also a typical symptom of prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other related diseases of males.
When orchitis occurs, it is the males business to get it treated in time. Don't hesitate, or it will spark off more problems like prostatitis, cystitis and make them into chronic problems. The good news is you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a complete cure since it can deal with all these problems mentioned above.

This is a pure Chinese medicine that can help males improve the body immunity, enhance the self-healing capacity and relieve painful symptoms caused by urogenital problems. The testicular pain can be greatly eliminated after taking the pill for a certain  period. And all you symptoms can be relieved if you stick to the medicine.

Also, there are some tips for you during the treatment of orchitis and other problems.

1. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to increase the vitamin C content in your body.
2. Eat less pig trotters, mutton and other stimulating food, so as not to cause inflammation of the testes.
3. Don't drink alcohol or smoke, and avoid cold and raw food.
4. Do more physical exercise at ordinary times, such as jogging, play tennis, swimming, and the like.
5. Keep a good mood, which can help you reinforce confidence in treatment.
6. Keep yourself clean anyway and take control of your sexual behaviors.

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