External Application Of Fresh Ginger Can Improve Epididymitis

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Folk prescriptions are often used to solve many diseases in daily life. As for the epididymitis in males, the external application of fresh ginger is often used. Without further ado, let's take a look at this magic approach.

The fresh ginger is applied externally to the affected side of the scrotum.

ginger and epididymitis
Take a moderate amount of fresh gingers, wash them with water, and cross cut them into uniform sheets about 0.2cm of thickness.
Apply 6 to 10 sheets each time to the affected side of the scrotum, covered with gauze. Change the sheets 1 to 2 times a day.
During the treatment, you should avoid the using of antibiotics. But if you can not put up with the pain, analgesics can be used appropriately. This method helps you reduce swelling and blood stasis, which is mainly used for male patients with acute epididymitis.
In addition, there are other two kinds of folk prescription recommended to you, only for reference. If necessary, you can consult a health professional for more details.
1. 6 grams of bupleurum, lindera aggregata, and green peel, 12 grams of seaweed, fritillary and semen brassicae. Take them decocted in water, 1 dose a day, mainly used for epididymitis.
2. 15 grams of gentian, yellow cypress, 30 grams of dandelion, purple flower, 10 grams of toosendan fruit, peach kernel, corydalis tuber, bupleurum, and 20 grams of semen litchi, which are mainly used for epididymitis and orchitis.
Besides, you can also take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat epididymitis. As the disease is often caused by prostatitis or urinary tract infection, and the pill can work well on solving inflammations and infections in the male urogenital system. It also leads to no side effects or drug resistance, so it is an effective method for male patients with epididymitis, orchitis, prostatitis, urinary tract infection and other urogenital problems.

Tips: how to prevent epididymitis in daily life?
1. Pay attention to personal hygiene.
Good personal hygiene greatly reduces the chance of bacteria invading the body, thus avoiding genitourinary system diseases. So men in daily life should take a regular bath, change clothes frequently, wash hands before meals and after using the bathroom.
2. Pay attention to daily diet.
Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, and drinking more milk can help improve the body's resistance and detoxify the body. Men should also avoid spicy food, cigarettes and alcohol.
3. Pay attention to sexual life.
Keeping a healthy and scientific sexual life can also help male friend prevent epididymitis. They should avoid frequent sexual intercourse and masturbation, which may cause organ oedema and aggravate the inflammation.

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