Know Six Symptoms Of Orchitis In The Early Stage To Better Prevent It

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Orchitis is usually caused by pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and its incidence is about 12% to 18%. Orchitis will deeply affect man's health and fertility, which may cause many mental pressures on them. 
Early prevention and early treatment are needed. There are usually six symptoms of orchitis in the early stage. The sooner you know it, the better you prevent it.
1. Symptoms of orchitis include pain in the testicles, radiating pain in the scrotum, the roots of the thighs and the inguinal area.
2. There will be testicular swelling and tenderness in patients with orchitis. 
3. Patients with orchitis will be accompanied by some systemic symptoms, such as high fever, chills, nausea, vomiting and so on.
4. When the attack of orchitis occurs, they will get hot and sometimes have chills.
5. There will be some local symptoms in patients, such as severe pain, obvious swelling and tenderness in testicles, being red and swollen in scrotal skin.
6. Patients with orchitis often have hydrocele in the scrotum.

Male friends with early orchitis can usually feel the pain in the scrotum, but they may think it can fade away voluntarily in a few days. So the disease is often left untreated and gets the chance to develop into a more intractable type secretly. If you have symptoms mentioned above or other similar symptoms, you should go see a doctor in time, and find out what happened in your body.
Even though you are diagnosed with orchitis, don't panic and try to get treated immediately. In general, the treatment of orchitis should be chosen according to the degrees of symptoms. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs as well as painkillers can be used to treat acute attack of orchitis. If there are serious symptoms, intravenous infusion of antibiotics can be used.
Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping is as effective as many western medicines to treat orchitis. Meanwhile, it has some advantages, such as having more prominent effect o n curing chronic orchitis and treating patients without any side effect or drug resistance.
In addition to prevention and treatment, daily health care is a necessary and significant part for male friends to resist orchitis. In the fast-paced rhythm of life, male friends should slow down a little bit to develop some good living habits for their genital health.
1.Avoid sitting for a long time and holding back urine too often. Drink more water and do more exercise.
2.Pay attention to personal hygiene, and always take a regular bath. Don’t wear the same underwear for too long.
3.Develop healthy and moderate sexual behaviors. Don’t indulge yourself in sex or masturbate too much.
4.Eat something light and abstain from something spicy. Pay attention to protein and vitamins supplements.

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