Three Common Types Of Epididymitis, Don't Ignore Easily

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Epididymitis is not strange to male friends, which is a common disease in male urogenital system. When a man suffers from epididymitis, painful sensation will occur in the testicles. For epididymitis, they may only realize the pain and discomfort, but know nothing about the types of disease, which usually include three kinds.

1. Acute epididymitis
The patient may have high fever suddenly, and have swelling and pain in the affected scrotal side. These symptoms will be aggravated when standing or walking. In general, epididymis swelling will occur with significant tenderness. When the inflammation range becomes wider, both epididymis and testis will have swelling, and their boundary will be blurred. But the patient doesn't have to worry about the disease too much, which can gradually subside with suitable treatment after a week.
2. Chronic epididymitis
This is a common type among patients. Due to incomplete treatment, some patients with acute epididymitis will be stuck in a worse dilemma, in which the acute type will turn into a chronic one. And most patients don't have a clear acute phase, making changes in the disease relatively invisible. When suffering from chronic epididymitis, patients can have dull pain in the affected side scrotum, falling and swelling sensation, sometimes accompanied by hydrocele of tunica vaginalis. When having a check-up in the hospital, it is obviously observed that epididymis is often stiffened with varying degrees of enlargement and the ipsilateral vas deferens may be thickened.
3. Tuberculous epididymitis
It is similar to the chronic type. In general, the vas deferens are shown as strings of bead shape. The urine of the patient can be diagnosed as aseptic urine or tuberculous bacterium. And cystoscope reveals an ulcer of the bladder. Testicular neoplasms may contain testis mass, but epididymal tumors are rare. In severe cases, it can lead to male infertility.
For the treatment of acute epididymitis, it is suggested to take antimicrobial agents. Drugs that are sensitive to bacteria should be selected. The course usually lasts 1 to 2 weeks with intravenous administration, or 2- 4 weeks with oral antibiotics, to prevent the acute epididymitis from becoming chronic inflammation.
For the treatment of chronic epididymitis and tuberculous epididymitis, herbal therapy may be a helpful option. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a pure Chinese medicine with great anti-inflammatory effect. It can be used to improve the male urogenital systems without any side effects. Beside, the treatment course usually lasts more than one month. So it’s necessary that patients should also pay attention to keeping good living habits and eating habits. Suitable treatment and good daily conditioning can help to shorten the treatment duration.
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