Can The Size Of Testicles Affect Fertility?

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As a sperm factory, testicles produce tens of thousands of sperm each day. If the testicular dysfunction occurs, it will surely affect a man's fertility. In daily life,  some men think their testicles are small. Does the size of testicles also affect fertility?
That the testicles are too small can cause damage to the spermatogenic function, resulting in few sperm or no sperm at all. Men with too small testicles may lost the ability of fertility. For normal people's testicles, both sides are not exactly the same. According to the statistical cases, the right testicle is slightly bigger than the left one. As long as the size of both sides are in the normal range, it will not affect the fertility.

The size of the testicles is related to a man's age. For children up to 12 years old, the testicles are at a relatively static stage, usually about 1 to 4ml in volume. After the age of 12, testicular volume increases rapidly. By the time a man reaches adulthood, testicular volume is about 16 to 25ml, with an average of 19.8 ml. After the age of 60, the volume of the testicles gradually decreases, and after the age of 70, the volume of the testicles is less than 16ml. If the adult male has a bilateral testicular volume with less than 10ml, it can be referred as small testicles, which can lead to sexual dysfunction or male infertility.
However, some people was born with abnormal testicles, one of which is rather small and soft, and the other one has compensatory hyperplasia. This is actually congenital dysplasia of one side of the testicle. If there is a history of trauma to one testicle, it will also result in different testicle sizes on both sides. Trauma will cause internal bleeding, redness and swelling of the testis, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the testis, gradually shrinking, and eventually leading to a smaller testicle on one side.
Some men who had mumps and orchitis at a young age may suffer from damages of the epithelial cells of the convoluted tubules in the testicles caused by virus attack. In this case, the testicle on one side will shrink to some extent. However, if the testicles on both sides had been symmetrical before, but one side of them suddenly increased significantly, accompanied by local pain and fever, then the man should be epididymitis or orchitis. If left untreated for too long, these diseases will affect sperm production, resulting in low semen quality and even male fertility.
For the treatment of epididymitis and orchitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is available, which has a great effect on eliminating inflammation and improving the urogenital system. Besides, if there are other symptoms related to testicles that have not been relieved through medication, you should go to the hospital for further examination.

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