What's Causing Your Testicles to Get Soft?

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The male testicles are two male reproductive glands located in the scrotum, which are responsible for making sperm. The temperature around your testicles is regulated by the scrotum, which makes you feel like your testicles are bigger or smaller than usual by contracting when it's cold or relaxing when it's warm.


So, what happens if your testicles get soft?

Normal male testicles are resilient and flexible when touched. If the testicles become soft, it may be caused by testicular atrophy, or it may be due to other reasons.

Testicular atrophy is mainly characterized by smaller size and softer texture of the testicles. It may also present with symptoms such as decreased androgen levels, decreased sperm count, and abnormal sexual function. It may be caused by physiological and pathological factors, such as after entering old age, the function of organs will all decrease, and organs will have certain atrophy phenomena; testicles are no exception. It may be caused by a series of diseases in the body, such as endocrine disorders, inflammation, cysts, or tumors in the testicles themselves.

In addition to testicular atrophy, which can cause the testicles to become soft?

Various causes may be related to varicocele, inflammation, testicular injury, radioactive substances, endocrine abnormalities, and certain medications.

1. Varicocele: In severe cases, the varicocele can fall into the scrotum and attach itself to the testicles, a condition that causes the temperature inside the scrotum to rise, which can lead to softening of the testicles.

2. Inflammation: Orchitis is an essential cause of testicular tenderness, and common causative factors include viruses and bacteria, such as viral testicular inflammation caused by mumps destruction of testicular tissues due to bacterial invasion, leading to testicular tissue softening.

3. Trauma: Impact injuries to the scrotum or testicles, resulting in scrotal hematoma or testicular laceration, etc. Even if the trauma heals, the testicles will remain in a state of insufficient blood supply for a long time. Even if the trauma is healed, the testicles will be in a state of inadequate blood supply for a long time and become soft.

4. Exposure to Radioactive Substances: Anyone exposed to radioactive substances for a longer period, such as those who have been engaged in X-rays and isotopes for a long time, will cause the testicles to become soft if they are not well protected.

5. Endocrine Disorders: many organs in the body that command the endocrine system, such as the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, thalamus, and other diseases, will interfere with the function of the testicles, causing the testicles to become soft.

6. Special Drugs: Long-term use of certain toxic drugs, such as arsenic, or repeated use of estrogenic androgen-fighting medicines, such as astragalol, can cause testicular tenderness.

In addition, hot or cold stimulation or when the testicles are touched can also make them soft. If the patient has terrible sexual habits, frequent masturbation, or more frequent sex, it will also make the testicles softer.

If testicular tenderness is caused by orchitis, patients should be treated promptly. For some patients with acute testicular inflammation, systemic anti-infective drugs can be considered for treatment, which is more effective. Commonly used antibiotic drugs include cephalosporin cephalosporins, and intravenous penicillin can also be chosen. 

For the longer course of the disease and repeated episodes of chronic orchitis, they can take traditional Chinese medicine, Diuretics and Anti-inflammatory Pills to eliminate inflammation, improve the environment of the genitourinary system, and restore the normal size of the testicles. At the same time, they need more bed rest; they can localized hot compresses on the affected area and elevate the scrotum as a physical therapy.

If the softening of the testicle is caused by varicocele as well as trauma, then timely surgical treatment may be needed. For endocrine disorders, masturbation, and other factors, patients should adjust their work and lifestyle in time and try to maintain healthy habits.

If testicular tenderness is detected at an early stage and treated as soon as possible, it is possible to improve the condition through treatments such as medication or surgery. Therefore, if men find a testicular abnormality, they should not be ashamed to seek medical treatment so as not to delay the treatment of the condition. Early treatment is the only way to restore health as soon as possible.

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