Why Does One Testicle Hurt And One Doesn't?

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Testicles are essential organs in the male reproductive system, responsible for producing sperm and testosterone. If you notice that one of your testicles hurts and one doesn't, you need to take prompt action so that the situation doesn't worsen.


First, it is essential to be clear that having one testicle that hurts and one that doesn't is not a common symptom. If you are experiencing this, seeking medical attention as soon as possible is advisable to rule out any underlying health issues. 

Here are some of the possible causes of this phenomenon:

1. Sprains or Trauma: In daily life, the testicles may be subjected to external impacts, such as collisions, falls, etc., which may result in pain in one testicle, while the other does not have pain probably because it was not subjected to the same external force.

2. Testicular Torsion: Commonly seen in younger boys, this is acute testicular pain caused by rotation of the testicle along the spermatic cord, which affects the blood supply to the testicle. Therefore, if a boy of 10 years or above experiences sudden and severe pain in one testicle, he usually needs to consult a doctor in time, except for testicular torsion, which can cause testicular necrosis if delayed too long.

3. Testicular Inflammation: If the pain is unilateral, the patient needs to be alert to whether it is an inflammatory condition. Common epididymitis or orchitis usually involves one side. Therefore, if the testicle or epididymis has unilateral noticeable swelling or pressure pain, pain, and so on, you need to go to the hospital to clarify the situation of epididymitis or orchitis.

4. Varicocele: This patient may also have pain in one side of the testicles, mainly caused by the more serious varicocele on that side. Patients with varicocele may not have obvious symptoms in the early stage. But, with the development of the disease, patients may have localized pain in one or both testicles, which may radiate to the waist and abdomen.

5. Testicular Tumors: Patients should also be alerted to testicular tumors when they develop unilateral testicular swelling with pain.

Therefore, the patient should first clarify the cause of one side of testicular pain before treatment. If the pain on one side is caused by orchitis or epididymitis, the ultrasound can show an increased blood flow signal in the testis. Then the patient needs to take oral cephalosporin antibiotics. In case of severe symptoms, intravenous infusion of cephalosporin antibiotics such as cefoperazone sulbactam can be given. The course of treatment for testicular inflammation is usually long, about two weeks. 

In addition, patients can also take oral Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which are very effective in relieving pain and eliminating inflammation in one testicle.

Testicular pain on one side due to varicocele usually occurs when the left testicle is swollen and painful when standing. Then, a scrotal ultrasound can show the degree of varicocele on the left side. If the varicocele symptoms are mild, the patient can take oral medication such as Mazolin to relieve it. High ligation of the left spermatic vein can be performed for more severe symptoms, and the pain can be relieved after the surgery.

The pain caused by testicular torsion is indicated by the absence of blood flow signals in the testicular color Doppler ultrasound. Testicular torsion is a urological emergency that requires either manipulative repositioning of the testicular torsion or testicular immobilization. If the torsion lasts more than 7 hours, there is a risk of testicular necrosis, requiring an orchiectomy that would result in loss of testicular function.

Pain on one side of the testicles can be caused by various reasons. Men should keep an eye on and be aware of their health condition and consult a doctor for professional advice when needed. In addition, good habits and a healthy lifestyle are key to keeping your testicles healthy.

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