If You Have Orchitis, Why Should You Not Sit for Long?

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Many males do not know the danger of sedentary behavior, often sitting in the office all day on the computer when working. In the long run, it will cause pressure and congestion to the male reproductive organs, leading to various diseases, including orchitis. Sitting for a long time is very harmful to men, which is an essential cause of orchitis and may also exacerbate the condition.


Why should you not sit for long with orchitis?

1. Exacerbate the condition

After suffering from orchitis, try not to sit for a long time because sitting for a long time may affect the local blood circulation and the heat dissipation in the testicles, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

2. Lead to infertility

In patients with sedentary behavior, testicular metabolism produced by harmful substances can not be discharged promptly, and they also do not get enough nutrition, which will impair the normal secretion of testosterone testicular function, so testosterone secretion is reduced. Testosterone is the power to maintain men's sexual function and sperm production, and the lack of it will inevitably lead to men's sexual dysfunction and infertility.

Therefore, long-time sitting is detrimental to the recovery of this disease, and male patients should try to avoid this behavior in their daily lives and work to avoid more severe harm.

What else should patients with epididymitis pay attention to besides not sitting for prolonged periods?

Take scientific treatment: If men have orchitis, they must avoid blindly using drugs and should actively go to regular hospitals for scientific examination and professional treatment after discovering the disease.

Orchitis generally requires comprehensive treatment, such as patients should pay attention to rest, and a local combination of some physical therapy can relieve the symptoms. If the patient's symptoms are more serious, pain, and even affect the state of sleep, they should choose painkillers for symptomatic treatment. However, the main therapeutic measure is to choose sensitive antibiotic treatment, usually levofloxacin hydrochloride injection, gatifloxacin hydrochloride injection, and other quinolone antibiotics. 

Patients can also choose the traditional Chinese medicine treatment method. The Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has various effects, which can eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, improve the patient's immunity, and ultimately cure the disease. Incision and drainage treatment are also needed if the disease has formed a local abscess.

Avoid excessive fatigue: Men suffering from orchitis, especially after acute orchitis, often exhibit obvious fever, chills, as well as nausea, and vomiting performance. During the period of illness, patients should pay attention to avoid excessive fatigue; it is best to rest in bed.

Take care of the pain relief: This disease tends to cause swelling and pain in the testicles, so male patients should support their scrotums with cloth straps when walking daily and try to avoid hanging the scrotum as much as possible.

Avoid smoking and drinking: Cigarettes contain various carcinogenic substances, while alcohol will cause certain damage to the liver, thus affecting the body's detoxification. Long-term smoking and drinking, the body's immunity will decline, which is not conducive to the recovery of orchitis.

Watch out for a healthy diet: Don't eat foods high in fat and cholesterol. Eating foods that are higher in fat on a regular basis can increase secretions from inflamed areas of the body, which can worsen the inflammatory response. Foods high in cholesterol are also best avoided because they can worsen inflammation.

Regulate sexual intercourse: Excessive sex easily makes the prostate, testicles, epididymis, and other reproductive organs continue to be congested and may cause kidney qi loss, easily leading to reproductive organ diseases.

To summarize, patients with orchitis should avoid sedentary behavior while doing a good job of life care and go to the regular hospital in time to prevent severe symptoms, such as sexual dysfunction, male infertility, etc.

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