Is Soak in Cold Water Effective Home Remedies For Orchitis

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The testicle is a vital male reproductive organ located outside the body, 1-2 degrees Celsius lower than the body temperature. Only at such a temperature can the cells in the testicles perform their normal physiological functions, produce sperm, and secrete androgens. The folds of the scrotal skin and the levator ani muscle are the ones that play the role of temperature regulation.


Orchitis is an inflammatory disease of the testicles caused by a bacterial or viral infection in which the patient may have testicular pain, enlargement, fever, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Since testicles like cold temperature environments, the treatment methods of soaking or icing testicles with cold water began to appear, such as soaking the scrotum with cold water every day, applying cold water to testicles with a bag, and rinsing testicles with cold water before sex.

Do these methods have a scientific basis? Are they effective in treating orchitis?

In fact, these methods lack scientific validity. It is important to realize that proper temperature is necessary for the testicles to maintain normal function, so keeping them at a low temperature will not give good results. When the temperature changes, whether it is too high or too low, it can impair sperm production impaired. 

There is also a risk of frostbite to the testicles using water or ice at too low a temperature. There is also no clear evidence that low temperature helps recovery from orchitis; instead, appropriate warmth accelerates local circulation and promotes the absorption of inflammation.

If the patient has this inflammatory disease, it is recommended to consult a doctor in time, do not blindly self-medicate, or listen to some hearsay methods to avoid delaying the condition.

How should patients treat orchitis?

1. General Treatment

For mild acute orchitis, clinically, bed rest, localized hot compress elevation of the scrotum, and other physiotherapy measures are the mainstay. Experts point out that such treatment is simple and effective for patients and can prevent the abuse of antibiotics.

2. Antibiotic Treatment

If the patient's condition does not improve after simple physiotherapy, or if the patient's condition is severe, the necessary antibiotic treatment must be administered in due course. Patients with acute orchitis can be treated with systemic anti-infective drugs, especially effective for patients with acute bacterial orchitis. Commonly used drugs are cephalosporins, such as Zinacef, Inbizhi, and fluoroquinolones. 

For chronic orchitis with long duration and recurrent attacks, patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, and improve the environment of the genitourinary system.

3. Surgical Treatment

Some patients do not achieve good results during inflammation, even with antibiotic therapy, when surgical treatment is recommended. Surgery can also be performed for acute orchitis. If an abscess has formed in the testicle, it should be incised and drained. Testicular atrophy and severe destruction can be treated with orchiectomy of the affected side.

To summarize, soaking the testicle with cold water cannot eliminate inflammation, and patients should improve their ability to identify and seek timely medical treatment for uncomfortable symptoms.

However, the cold water soaking method is a better testicular care method because the low temperature can promote sperm production and secretion of androgens and activate testicular cells, helping them develop again and optimizing the process of spermatogenesis. Men can use cold water to take care of their testicles appropriately. However, the temperature should not be too low, the operation should not be too frequent, and this measure should not be taken during inflammatory disease.

In daily life, patients should keep warm to avoid testicular colds; maintain a good mind and avoid emotional excitement; take a light diet and avoid spicy and stimulating food; pay attention to rest and avoid overwork.

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