Why Do Your Testicle Hurts When You Sit And Not When You Stand?

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Testicular pain is a problem many men experience in their lives, and more and more men are beginning to suffer from testicular pain. Many men also find that their testicles hurt when they sit and are fine when they stand, and they worry about whether something is wrong with their bodies. 


So why does your testicle hurt when you sit and not when you stand?

This condition may be caused by tight underwear, frequent ejaculation, orchitis, chronic prostatitis, varicocele, etc. Symptoms can be relieved by general treatment and medication.

Too Tight Underwear: If men wear tight underwear regularly, it will pull and squeeze the testicles when sitting down, causing painful symptoms. This situation requires men to develop good habits and wear loose cotton underwear, which can effectively help the signs of recovery.

Frequent Ejaculation: If men have sex more frequently or excessive masturbation, it may lead to the genitourinary system being in a state of congestion, resulting in localized bruising, sitting down when the testicles may appear painful symptoms. Therefore, men should develop good habits in daily life and avoid frequent sex or masturbation, which can gradually improve the symptoms.

Orchitis: It usually occurs in the testicular area of the inflammation; sitting down may increase the stimulation of the testicular area, stand up when the stimulation affects some of the ability to reduce the pain symptoms. If necessary, patients need to go to the hospital and then use amoxicillin capsules, levofloxacin capsules, and cefixime dispersible tablets under the doctor's guidance for treatment.

Varicocele: Patients can touch varicose veins in the scrotum, manifesting as testicular pain and other symptoms. Testicular pain is usually aggravated by standing and sitting for a long time. However, some patients may also experience testicular pain while sitting and pain relief while standing.

Chronic Prostatitis: It is closely related to lifestyle habits. Frequent masturbation, sedentary behavior, and holding urine are common causes of the disease. Chronic prostatitis can also manifest as testicular pain, which can be relieved when the patient lies down or stands up. To ease this symptom, patients need to change their lifestyles, avoid sitting for a long time, holding urine, and avoiding spicy and stimulating foods. 

Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the function of anti-inflammatory, sterilization, detoxification, and pain relief but will not produce drug resistance, which is conducive to eliminating inflammation, relieving pain, and curing the disease completely. Moreover, this traditional Chinese medicine is developed for male genitourinary disorders, and it is also effective in reducing orchitis. 

Testicular pain has severe harm, affecting male sexual function, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, and so on. In serious cases, it will lead to the complete loss of male sexual function. Testicular pain caused by orchitis will also change the living environment of sperm, resulting in necrospermia and male infertility. If the testicular pain is left untreated, it may also lead to loss of essence and kidney, back pain and lumbago, coldness, and premature aging.

The testicle is an essential male reproductive organ and is vital to fertility. Once the symptoms of testicular pain appear in the lives of men, it is necessary to check and find out the cause of testicular pain in time and treat the symptoms in time.

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