The Bigger the Testicles, The Better? Wrong! Alert to Five Diseases

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When it comes to male sexual function, most men believe that the stronger the sexual function, the better, including the reproductive organs. Many men think that the bigger the penis and testicle, the better. The bigger the penis and testicle, the better the sexual function. But I don't know that the testicles also have a normal range. The average length of adult male testicles is 4-5cm, and the width is about 2.5cm. If you exceed the normal range too much, you should pay attention. Most of them have diseases.

What diseases may exist when male testicles become larger?
1. Hydrocele of tunica vaginalis
The hydrocele often occurs when one side of the testis becomes larger. Because there is a hydrocele in the testis, the testicular tissue cannot absorb the hydrocele, which will make the testis grow larger and larger. The testis will also feel sagging and painful. When the disease is severe, it will affect the sexual life and urination function and even cause discomfort, which will also affect normal life.
2. Varicocele
Men usually find veins on the surface of the scrotum, but if they touch the scrotum with their hands, they will feel that the veins appear in a curved and expanded image. They should be alert that varicocele is the cause. Varicocele can cause the scrotum to become larger and larger, and it is also a killer that affects male fertility and even sexual function.
3. Orchitis
The scrotum suddenly increases, and has a fever accompanied by pain. It should be noted that there may be inflammation and infection, among which orchitis and epididymitis are the most common. In this case, timely measures should be taken to control the inflammation to avoid the formation of anti-sperm antibodies in the body, which will affect the sperm's vitality and quality.
The treatment of orchitis mainly includes drug therapy and surgical treatment. Testitis caused by bacterial infection can be treated with levofloxacin, ampicillin sodium, etc. For orchitis, which is ineffective with these antibiotics, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice to eliminate pain and inflammation and cure the disease. Patients with orchitis who failed to respond to conservative treatment can be treated surgically to improve their symptoms.
At the beginning of the disease, the patient should rest in bed and hold up the scrotum. In the early stage, a cold compress can be used to relieve pain, and in the later stage, a hot compress can be used to absorb inflammation.
4. Cryptorchidism
If there are no testicles in the scrotum, or only one side has testicles, most of them are related to cryptorchidism. The testicles that do not enter the scrotum will make people feel that the scrotum is enlarged, which will also affect sperm production and cause cancer.
5. Testicular tumor
The testicles suddenly become larger and harder, and they do not feel elastic after being touched by hand. Even the skin surface gradually appears ulcer and dark red. Most of them are caused by testicular lesions. With the increase of the tumor, the testis will also become larger, and even some will affect the testicular function due to the necrosis of the tumor tissue, leading to pain and another discomfort.
Warm tip: Men should know that the testicles also have a normal range. If they are too large or too small, there is a problem. Don't think that the bigger the testicles are, the stronger their sexual function will be, and the more sperm will be secreted. In case of unexplained testicular enlargement, be alert and conduct relevant examinations promptly. After all, the testis is an indispensable part of the reproductive system. Once problems occur, they will affect sperm and sexual function and even lead to infertility.
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