Can Testicles Become Necrotic When Infected with Orchitis?

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Women can be troubled by some gynecological diseases. Men are also troubled by male diseases. Testicular infection is a common male disease that affects patients to a certain extent. It will affect not only the health of the patient but also the normal life of the patient.

Orchitis is a disease caused by an inflammatory infection of the testicles in men. If left untreated, or if treatment is incomplete, testicular effusion can occur. Orchitis and testicular effusion harm male reproductive health and cause abnormal testicular development. So what should one do if fluid in testicles is due to orchitis? Let’s take a look!
What happens when there is testicular fluid in orchitis?
Men have a small amount of plasma within the testicle, which gives the testicle a certain range of sliding. This plasma is usually a light yellow, clear fluid absorbed by the internal spermatic veins and the lymphatic system and has no adverse effects on the body.
However, in pathological conditions, inflammatory irritation can lead to increased fluid secretion or decreased absorption, causing excess fluid to accumulate in the sheath of the testicle when patients present with fluid accumulation in the testicle. Testicular effusion due to orchitis is cloudy and may be accompanied by bleeding, which requires active treatment.
What should I do if there is fluid in the testicle due to orchitis?
1. General Treatment
Do daily care, have bed rest, avoid strenuous exercise, elevate the scrotum, and apply hot compresses to the scrotum. This can relieve pain, promote blood circulation, and facilitate the absorption of inflammatory substances, which reduce the accumulation of fluid;
2. Medication
After suffering from orchitis, untimely treatment may lead to testicular effusion. The corresponding antibacterial drugs should be used for treatment, such as oral levofloxacin tablets, cefdinir dispersible tablets, and other drugs, or injection of ceftriaxone sodium, which can control the infection and avoid a continuous increase in the amount of fluid accumulation.
It can also be treated with TCM Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects in its formula and can remove pathogenic bacteria and eliminate testicular inflammation infection. Its effect of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis can promote blood circulation and facilitate fluid absorption.
3. Surgical Treatment
Surgical treatment should be considered when the amount of testicular fluid accumulation continues to increase, forming an apparent testicular ascoma, and medication has little effect. Cyst incision and drainage surgery can remove the fluid and prevent the infection from spreading further. After surgery, patients should also take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill in conjunction with the surgery, which will help control the infection and prevent prognosis from recurrence!
The above is the introduction to what to do if fluid is in the testicles due to orchitis. When the amount of fluid accumulation is small, general treatment and medication can be administered to facilitate fluid absorption. Surgery is usually required when the amount of fluid accumulation is large, or the drug is ineffective. Patients with fluid in their testicles must actively choose the proper treatment method to regain their health as soon as possible!
Warm tip: People should not underestimate any disease. Many diseases become increasingly severe and affect patients because they do not receive timely treatment. The same is true for testicular inflammation. If people are not treated when they are ill, then the impact they suffer will be increased, and finally, necrosis may occur, which will have a greater impact on the patient.
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