Does Cycling for a Long Time Cause Orchitis?

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People are vigorously advocating green travel. Although it has great benefits for the body, most men must pay attention not to ride bicycles for a long time. Otherwise, it will cause orchitis. Once this disease occurs, it is hazardous.
In today's life, many men are affected by orchitis. It can be said that orchitis is a type of male disease with a high incidence rate. This disease seriously endangers men's health, body, and mind. For this reason, men must take preventive measures.

So will cycling cause orchitis?
Cycling can also cause orchitis, especially in hot summer, because there is a lot of sweating, which makes the genitals moist and sweaty. If you ride a bicycle for a long time, it will press on the testicles, and it is not breathable, which can easily cause bacterial infection. Therefore, men try not to ride bicycles for a long time.
When riding a bicycle, the main focus is on the male genital area. If you ride for a long time, it will cause discomfort in the vulva area, especially the testicle area will be very uncomfortable. Riding for a long time will block the blood vessels of the lower body, which will lead to short-term soreness and discomfort such as pain, eventually leading to the disease of orchitis.
Men are advised not to perform straddle movements for extended periods. If you have to choose to ride a bike, you should adjust the seat properly, such as making the seat softer and trying to keep the cycle for a short distance. When they encounter a red light, they can use this time to adjust a little or push their bikes for a while. This is more beneficial to testicular health and can significantly reduce the incidence of related diseases.
Cycling for a long time can lead to orchitis disease. Therefore, in daily life, everyone must pay great attention to this problem and do relevant preventive work promptly. The harm of orchitis is very significant. Thus, in the face of this disease, patients must be treated in time.
The treatment of orchitis is as follows:
1. Life therapy. Patients can elevate the testicles to relieve pain symptoms, and local cold compresses can be applied.
2. Drug. Antibiotic treatment is the first choice, sensitive antibiotics can be selected according to the urine culture results, and cephalosporin antibiotics can be applied empirically by intravenous drip. If mycoplasma and chlamydia infection cannot be excluded, it is recommended to add azithromycin or levofloxacin. Usually, after the symptoms are relieved, the patient should continue to take oral antibiotics for some time. At the same time, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics, proprietary Chinese medicines, and pain relievers can be used.
When acute orchitis is not thoroughly treated and develops into chronic orchitis, antibiotics are used to treat chronic orchitis, and the effect is often unsatisfactory. Chronic orchitis can also induce other diseases, leading to male sexual dysfunction and infertility, which is very harmful. Patients who want to treat chronic orchitis may try traditional Chinese medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
It has a strong bactericidal effect, reaching the effect of broad-spectrum antibiotics of western medicine, which can kill various bacteria, viruses, and some pathogenic bacteria. It can systematically treat the male genitourinary system and prevent and treat other diseases caused by chronic orchitis.
3. Surgical treatment. If the patient develops a testicular abscess, consider incision and drainage of the testicular abscess. If the disease is complicated by testicular necrosis, patients may consider orchiectomy, but orchiectomy should be done with caution.
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