Will Men's Orchitis be Transmitted to Women?

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Orchitis, like other infertility, has a greater impact on male fertility. Generally speaking, a lot of male friends do not have much understanding of orchitis in life. Most orchitis is bacterial infections and as a result, will male orchitis be contagious? Let the experts introduce it to you.
In general, the possibility of orchitis infection is small. Non-specific orchitis is not contagious, even if orchitis caused by blood filariasis is not contagious in the past. It's just that married men should pay attention to not having sexual activities before it is cured. In order to avoid the transmission of inflammatory bacteria to the spouse or induces gynecological diseases for the other half.
Due to the different types of the disease, the nature of pain of orchitis has certain difference. It can be classified as swelling pain, falling pain, or knife-like pain, etc., and the degree of the pain is categoried as dull pain, or sharp pain. In addition to the pain caused by the lesions of the testis itself, the epididymis, spermatic cord lesions and inflammation in the scrotum often cause testicular pain, so the orchitis must be treated in time.
If not treated in time, orchitis can cause great harm.
First, complications. Orchitis is easy to induce various serious diseases, such as endocrine diseases, varicocele, chorditis, Prostatitis,nephritis, or other kidney diseases, urinary infection, and even malignant tumors.
Second, male infertility. Lead to necrozoospermia (dead sperm) and Azoospermia (nil sperm count), loss of fertility, and transmission of inflammatory germs to spouses, causing gynecological diseases which can be great harm to the wife.
Third, sexual dysfunction. Orchitis can cause male sexual function to decline, or even completely loss, bringing difficulties to the sexual life of husband and wife.
Fourth, the energy loss, kidney deficiency, and premature aging. If the orchitis is not cured in a long time, it will easily lead to loss of kidney deficiency, loss of vital energy, severe cold of the limbs, and back pain, and cause early aging.
Fifth, affecting the feelings of husband and wife. Patients with orchitis will have irritating symptoms such as scrotal pain, bulge, etc. The physical illness not only affects the patient's mood, resulting in irritability, but also cause loss of interest in the sexual activities, which harms the relationship of the couple and family harmony.
Through the above-mentioned experts' detailed introduction to "Will male's orchitis be transmitted to women", we can get to know that the men's issue is also a factor that leads to infertility. So when it is not clear what causes the infertility for the couple, It is necessary for both to go to the hospital for examination and get treatment at the same time, so that problems can be discovered early and the problem of infertility can be solved timely without delay.  
In addition, after the diagnosis of orchitis, one can orally take natural herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which have the effect of promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification and anti-proliferation that can effectively relieve testicular and epididymal swelling caused by inflammatory stimulation. Tissue fibrosis, calcification, bulging pain and other symptoms of the orchitis, can be completely cured by this TCM formula.