How Should Patients of Epididymitis Pay Attention To Diet

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Proximate organ infection cause Epididymitis. It is characterized by a burst pain. The epididymis in the scrotum could have obvious tenderness, swelling, and it may be associated with fever and epididymis induration at the same time.  Epididymitis always causes a lot of damage to male patients.  Some suffer acute Epididymitis, because they don't know how to eat properly and prevent, so it often cause negative effects.  Here are some dietary options for Epididymitis.
First, improve the diet structure and prevent high-cholesterol Food intake.  Eat less red meat (such as beef, mutton, etc.), as well as some white meat (such as chicken, fish, etc., which are irritating and particularly prone to certain diseases or aggravate the disease).It is of great significance for the prevention of the occurrence of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Second, avoid spicy diet, they belong to endogenous heat source, it is easy to cause dysuria and should be avoided.
Third, maintain the law of life and keep the stool smooth.  Mental conditioning, keep your mind relaxed, don't overwork.  You should take part in sports activities such as running and climbing to improve your health and prevent colds.
What are the healthy diet for Epididymitis?
1. Eat more foods containing crude fiber, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, celery, etc., in order to keep the stool smooth.
2. Red bean or mung bean soup has a dampness-clearing and detoxification effect, regular drinking helps the recovery of the disease.
3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, increase the intake of ingredients such as Vitamin C, thereby improving the body's anti-inflammatory ability.
What kind of food is best for Epididymitis:
1. Avoid spicy foods.  For example, onions, peppers, chillis, mustard and fennel.
2. Moderation and abstinence, avoid coffee and other exciting drinks.
3. To avoid cold food.
4. Eat less so-called "stimulating food", such as pig's trotters, fish soup, lamb, so as not to cause increased secretion of inflammatory secretions or further infiltrate and aggravate symptoms.
Of course, these diets cannot fundamentally treat Epididymitis, and it is best to cure them by medication.  At present, the TCM patent medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a very effective formula with high cure rate and no recurrence. It is chemical-free, safe, and has no drug resistance and side effects.  Patients with Epididymitis can take it with no worries.