What Medicine can Cure the Infertility due to Deformed Sperm?

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Sperm is the most important part of a male reproductive system and its quality also has a direct impact on fertility. In clinical practice, the incidence of male infertility has also increased significantly in recent years. Examinations have found that sperm quality is poor, among which sperm malformation is very common. So, what kind of drugs can treat malformed spermatozoa sterility? ( Refer to Low Sperm Count / Abnormal Sperm Count by Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine for more information )

Before taking medicine to treat malformed spermatozoa, we should understand the reason that causes occurrence of spermatozoa malformation first. It is believed that the main factor leading to sperm deformity lies in urinary and reproductive system infection, such as prostatitis, orchitis, seminal vesiculitis.

And some bad life habits also can cause this illness, such as excessive drinking and smoking. Therefore, according to the treatment, the first is to get rid of bad life habits and then take symptomatic treatment.

To the infection of urogenital system, it is to undertake antibiotic treatment more for urgent situation, and it can have certain effect to the patient of acute case. But the side effect such as antibiotic resistance also cannot be ignored.

If the patient still does not see improvement after taking medicine for a period of time, or the symptom recrudescent, patients can choose TCM formula as a no-side effect treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

For the treatment of male urinary and reproductive system infection, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have been recognized by many patients in clinical efficacy for many years. Because of its remarkable efficacy, it has been accepted as the national patent medicine.

From the view of the disease itself, patients often have frequent and urgent urination and other urinary tract irritation symptoms. However, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill in the heat-clearing and detoxification, promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria and other effects can be very good for its elimination.

Besides frequent urination and urgency, male genitourinary system disease after infection will be commonly accompanied by such as perineum belly, lower abdomen pain and other discomfort symptoms. The semen persicae and radix paeoniae rubra in the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have the effect of invigorating the circulation of qi and can also help the operation of blood, eliminating the patients’belly pain. It can really achieve the purpose of the symptomatic treatment.

If the patients can follow the doctor’s advice on diet during medication, they can be cured within three courses of treatment. When the pathogen is cured, the sperm will return to normal levels and have the ability of reproduction.

Of course, the urogenital infection mentioned here is only one of the most common causes. The reasons that cause malformation spermatozoa can be the stimulation of joint on epididymis from chemicals or radication, ect. So, it should be treated on the basis of different pathogeny, choosing corresponding drug to undertake treating.

If it causes by urogenital system infection, one can take antibiotics in the early stage. But if antibiotics does not work, then the best choice is to take natural herbal medicine treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can recuperate the whole environment inside the body, and it is remarkable to help restore damaged organ and cell while treating the disease.