Is Male Oligospermia and Infertility a Sign of Kidney Deficiency?

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Many men experience oligospermia, and the first reason that comes to mind is kidney deficiency. A detailed analysis is given in the following about this topic.


Is male oligospermia and infertility a sign of kidney deficiency?


Oligospermia is often caused by kidney deficiency. Severe kidney deficiency can cause oligospermia in patients. 


According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, the kidney is the root of innate nature, mastering the bones and harboring sperm. The original yin and yang are hidden in the kidney, and the kidney is the source of development, reproduction, and the root of human life. 


The survival of sperm depends on the nourishment of kidney yin and the warmth of kidney yang. The amount of sperm depends on the strength and weakness of true yin and yang. Therefore, kidney deficiency will cause oligospermia, and spleen deficiency leads to a lack of biochemical sources. What's more, sperm and blood share the same origin. Sperm deficiency will lead to blood deficiency, and blood depletion will also cause sperm deficiency. That is the reason for oligospermia.


In addition, oligospermia belongs to the category of less sperm, cold sperm, and thin sperm in TCM. TCM believes these conditions are related to the kidney, spleen, liver, and other organs. If the kidney is strong, the kidney essence is sufficient, and it is easy for sperm production in men. 


On the contrary, if the kidney is weak and the kidney essence is insufficient, sperm will not be generated. In addition, sperm generation is closely related to the human qi and blood. The sperm shares the same source with blood, and they can supplement each other, such as blood deficiency. Thus, when the kidney essence and the qi are insufficient, sperm production will be insufficient, causing oligospermia and poor sperm quality.


Therefore, male oligospermia has a particular connection with kidney deficiency.


Besides, oligospermia can be related to the below factors:


Oligospermia is associated with autoimmune factors, which can affect the fertility of sperm. What's more, anti-sperm antibodies can affect the production of sperm; also, if the patient has a reproductive tract infection, it can affect the various laboratory indicators in the semen.


Cryptorchidism is also a significant factor in oligospermia and infertility. Cryptorchidism can affect the quality of the patient's sperm, and more than half of the people suffering from this disease will be infertile. During this time, patients should undergo treatments promptly.


If patients suffer from varicocele, the local temperature of the testes will be elevated, affecting the ability of the testes to generate sperm;


Endocrine abnormalities are also important factors. Male sperm production is dependent on the normal operation of the hypothalamus-pituitary gland. Once the endocrine disorders, it will cause the hypothalamus and other disorders, such as the thyroid and adrenal gland and other diseases, affecting the ability to produce sperm.

In addition, chromosomal abnormalities, high scrotal temperature, and radioactive damage can also cause oligospermia.

And some daily habits can be factors, including staying up late, drinking too much, smoking, overworking and frequent sexual life. 


What should men do if they are infertile due to kidney deficiency?


Men should develop a good lifestyle, such as going to bed early, waking up early, and not staying up late. They should not smoke or drink too much or eat fried, pickled, barbecued, or spicy food. Eating more vegetables and fruits, such as yams, onions, leeks, radishes, etc., is necessary.


In addition to the above methods, patients should have sex with proper frequency and should not overindulge. Patients should prevent getting cold and keep warm when the weather changes. It is also necessary to keep indoor and outdoor air circulation, not have too much mental stress, etc., to relieve kidney deficiency.

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