What Bad Habits Can Cause Oligospermia? How to Prevent Oligospermia?

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In the process of conception, the role of sperm is inseparable. When a male's spermatogenic function has problems, it is easy to cause oligospermia, which will cause male infertility. If this happens accidentally, find out the cause as soon as possible and implement targeted treatment. In this regard, some men ask, what are the reasons for oligospermia?

What is the cause of male oligospermia?
1. Smoking and drinking. 
Many men have the habit of smoking and drinking. If men maintain such bad habits for a long time, it is easy to cause oligospermia. Because tobacco and alcohol will affect the normal function of the male reproductive system, there will be problems with the spermatogenesis function, resulting in low and weak sperm.
2. Malnutrition. 
When oligospermia occurs, it may be caused by malnutrition. Some men are picky eaters, have anorexia, excessive dieting, etc., which will lead to malnutrition or lack of certain nutrients. Over time, they will damage the body's reproductive system and lead to the occurrence of oligospermia.
3. Mental factors. 
Most men often shuttle between work and family. The situation can lead to excessive mental stress. If the pressure is not vented, it is easy to produce negative emotions such as anxiety and irritability, which affects the body's endocrine system and spermatogenesis. And result in less refined and weak refined.
4. Chemical medicine effects. 
When a male has the habit of abusing drugs in his life, it can also cause oligospermia. If men use sedatives, chemical drugs, etc., for a long time, they will affect the reproductive system, hinder the growth of sperm, and lead to reduced sperm counts and deformities in men.

How to prevent the occurrence of oligospermia?
1. Avoid excessive obesity. 
Because obese men are prone to oligospermia, men should actively control their reminders of obesity. Keep a healthy diet, exercise more, and maintain weight. Avoid overeating high fat and high calories in the daily diet food. Men should also smoke and drink less, and it is best to stay away.
2. Avoid a high-temperature environment. 
Saunas and steam baths are places where many men yearn for relaxation, but the temperature in such areas is too high. If men stay in this environment for a long time, it will quickly increase the high temperature, which can cause oligospermia over time. Therefore, men should stay away from these places and avoid frequent visits.
3. Avoid sexually transmitted diseases. 
Sexually transmitted diseases are mainly spread due to contaminated sex. Sexually transmitted diseases are also a common cause of oligospermia in clinical practice. Therefore, men should avoid unclean sex to avoid infections that endanger their health.
Oligospermia is often the cause of male infertility. Many men feel that oligospermia is a common phenomenon and fails to be diagnosed and treated in time. It leads to increased harm and finally causes infertility. Diagnose the cause as soon as possible and implement treatment.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can treat oligospermia effectively as it has the positive effects of softening hard lumps, removing blood stasis, promoting blood circulation, and removing blood stasis. It contains various ingredients, which have the impact of reducing swelling, relieving pain, clearing heat and detoxification, urinating, and treating arthralgia. It can eliminate the patient's swelling and pain, kill various bacteria and virus pathogens, and ultimately cure male reproductive system diseases well.

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