Can Asthenospermia Cause Infertility and Miscarriage?

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What are the harms of asthenospermia? Regarding the injury of asthenospermia, this may be something that many males don't know very well. A serious asthenospermia can lead to male infertility and abortion. Let the experts give a detailed introduction to the harm of asthenospermia?

Harm 1. Wife infertility after marriage: 
If some factors affect the motility of sperm, especially sperm that cannot move forward, the sperm will not be able to swim to the position of the egg at the right time, which will lead to infertility.
Harm 2. Leading to premature delivery or miscarriage of the wife: 
Many pregnant women will have early delivery or miscarriage during pregnancy. It may also be caused by insufficient sperm quality, so adequate regard should be paid to asthenospermia.
Harm 3. Leading to the imbalance of male acquired factors: 
Many males will have weakness of the spleen and stomach and insufficient sperm and blood. Because of the loss of kidney essence, the testis cannot produce sperm, or the sperm motility produced is simply inadequate.
Harm 4. Causes other diseases: 
If weak sperm cannot be effectively treated, the condition will worsen if it develops for a long time, leading to the death of sperm or other diseases.
The wife of a patient with asthenospermia may also be pregnant, but it is not very likely. Therefore, males should pay more notice to maintenance, avoid eating too greasy food, quit smoking and alcohol, and find that the testicles have different changes from usual, such as swelling, hardening, unevenness, pain, etc., diagnosed and treated in time.
Reminder: The above are the four hazards caused by asthenospermia. Patients with asthenospermia should be diagnosed and treated in time.

Why does asthenospermia affect men's fertility?
Usually, before the semen liquefies, the separated sperm movement is restricted. Once the semen liquefies, it immediately shows good movement ability. So, can men with asthenospermia become pregnant?
The motility or motility of sperm is directly related to human reproduction. Only the expected forward movement of sperm can ensure that the sperm reach the ampulla of the oviduct and combine with the egg to form a fertilized egg. Typically separated sperm, before the semen liquefies, the movement is restricted. Once the semen liquefies, it immediately shows good movement ability. Can asthenospermia be fertile?
Suppose a specific factor affects the sperm's motility function, especially forward movement. In that case, it will prevent the sperm from swimming to the egg's position at the best time, and fertilization will not happen. In addition, if the sperm stays in the vagina for too long, the acidic environment will shorten the survival time of the sperm. According to domestic literature, male infertility caused by low sperm motility accounts for about 30%. The possibility of asthenospermia pregnancy is still possible, but it is not very likely.
Sperm is essential to males, and it plays a crucial role in the life of a man. Within 1 hour after ejaculation, viable sperm should be more than 70%. If viable sperm is less than 50%, it is abnormal, called low sperm motility, also called asthenospermia. If the sperm is completely inactive, it is necrospermia. Low sperm motility and the death of sperm are important causes of male infertility. If it is less than 20%, it will be challenging to give birth.
Asthenospermia is a common disease that leads to male infertility, but asthenospermia treatment only finds the proper method, which is not difficult. The treatment of asthenospermia should follow the comprehensive treatment of curing the root cause, curing the symptoms and curing the disease, and treat the infection completely.
The focus of asthenospermia treatment is to determine the cause so that the symptomatic treatment can be carried out. Only by identifying the specific cause can the symptomatic treatment be accurately carried out. 
If asthenospermia is caused by inflammation of the reproductive organs, it is necessary to eliminate the inflammation actively. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have the effects of anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, and removing blood stasis. It can effectively eliminate inflammation and treat asthenospermia. After the cure, it can significantly increase the chance of natural pregnancy.
If a lack of nutrients causes asthenospermia, the treatment should be based on supplementing nutrition in time. If the asthenospermia is related to endocrine dysfunction, the endocrine mechanism should be adjusted mainly.

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