How To Recuperate Asthenospermia?

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Asthenozoospermia leads to problems. The quality of the patient's sperm is questionable, and even if the sperm is able to combine with the egg, the results can be very variable. In this regard, many pregnant women will tend to give birth prematurely or miscarry during pregnancy.
Asthenozoospermia is a condition characterized by less than 50% forward-moving sperm (grade A and B) or 25% forward-moving sperm (grade A) in semen parameters.
Asthenospermia is also called low sperm motility. The motility function or motility ability of sperm is directly related to the reproduction of human beings. Only the sperm with normal forward movement can ensure that the sperm can reach the ampulla of the fallopian tube and combine with the egg to form a fertilized egg.
How to recuperate asthenospermia?

To begin with, balanced nutrition can help to cure asthenospermia. So patients can eat some swimming bladder, roe, leek, river shrimp, dried nuts, while they should eat less celery, cottonseed oil, fried food, oily cakes and so on. What's more, don't drink alcohol and quit smoking. You can drink green tea and warm water, but do not drink coffee or cola.
Experts have found that the lack of folic acid and zinc can lead to a low sperm count. So your need preoccupation with the nutrient replenishing. Commonly, you can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables like apple and tomatoes to improve asthenospermia.
Further, control sexual life. A moderate sexual life can release the pressure of your sexual organs and don't indulge in sex too much, which may lead to more problems like prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis. For these problems, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure, which is effective and features no side effects or adverse reactions.
A comprehensive suggestion is that you should move your body, which means two things. The first meaning is you should not sit or lie all the day. Being still is not good for your body.
You know when you squat for a long time in the toilet, you feel pain after standing. It is the same of your private part. You sitting for too long can bring pressure on your prostate gland, thus leading to prostatitis, which affects the sperm health.
So you should not sit on the chair for the whole day and don't ride a bike for too long. Also, holding urine can lead to pressure on the prostate gland, so you should urinate in time as much as you can.
On the flip side, you need more physical exercise to build up your body's resistance. Simply put, stronger you, stronger body, then stronger sperm. Healthy and sunny sports men, of course, are able to make the quality of his sperm as good as his skin, heart and muscle, but exercise is not the more the better.
Akin to sexual frequency, you should keep your exercise plan moderate and scientific. Or, it may lead to aggravated asthenospermia. You should keep good habits for a long time, but not try to finish these things overnight. Peg away at the recuperation, may health descend on you.

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